To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S02E02: “The Circle”

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I’m getting all these screenshots from, which is the same place as the original TNG fashion blog (

Jaro says he’s surprised at Sisko’s reaction. He thought he’d be celebrating because he thought Kira was trouble. Sisko says no. He says he doesn’t appreciate not being consulted. Jaro says that Starfleet doesn’t consult them when they want to promote an officer. He claims this is a promotion.


Jaro is wearing the same boring purple outfit as last episode, but here’s a screenshot to remind you that he’s still a boring politician.

Sisko says he was thinking “there’s a warm wind blowing in from Minicoy.” Jaro is confused. Sisko says it’s a story from earth about an ambassador who was a bag of hot air and everyone knew what he was. Not like either of them. He also says he’s surprised that they didn’t want Li Nalas to stay in the capital to strengthen the provisional government. Jaro says he doesn’t think it’s safe there because of the Circle. A minister was attacked and beaten.

He says that he’s entrusting Bajor’s greatest hero to them.

He leaves. Chief O’Brien appears and says that Jake has been waiting to talk to Sisko on the comm. Sisko takes the call. Jake is outside their quarters and wants him to come down.

Sisko goes down to look. The Circle graffiti is on their door.



Kira is packing up her things, wearing her sleeveless shirt.

Despite being kind of high-waisted, the jacket-less version of this uniform is much more flattering. 

A few things about this screenshot.

1. Kira’s quarters are super spacious. Maybe she’s moved a lot of the furniture out already but wow this place looks huge!

2. That’s an interesting pattern on the door.

3. I really don’t like her boots. I’m not a fan of the Bajoran uniform in general, but those boots just look silly and decorative.

Odo comes in and is mad. He says she is surrendering. Kira says if you break the rules, you pay. Odo says she’s made a career of breaking rules over the last 14 years; they’re meaningless to her because she has a personal code that matters more.

Kira says she’ll miss him, too. Odo wants her to go and talk to Sisko for help. Kira says he will do what’s right for the station. Odo thinks she should fight for what she wants. She says maybe she wants a vacation.

Odo is grumpy that he will probably be expected to train the new person. He thinks Kira did well once he smoothed their rough edges. Kira thinks she did the smoothing of his rough edges.

The door chimes and Dax comes to return lotion and Kira says to keep it if she likes it. Odo is astonished they’re talking about lotion. The door chimes again. Bashir enters to give his best. Odo asks Bashir if she ought to complain. Bashir isn’t sure why she should complain.

They ask if she knows where she’ll be stationed, if she’s got a reason, if she has any alternatives, and Odo asks if she cares. Kira tells them all to leave so she can pack.

The door chimes again and now Chief enters. They are all talking at once. Chief says he’d like to say it’s been a pleasure to serve with her, but he keeps being interrupted. Odo wants her to argue. Dax asks if she should talk to Sisko. The door chimes yet again.

Quark comes in and thinks it’s a party.

It’s not a party without (fake) alcohol!

He’s wearing his lighter color upholstery jacket today. He’s brought a bottle of Kira’s favorite synthale, and is offering a sympathetic ear and shoulder to cry on. There’s more chaos as everyone talks over each other.

The door chimes again. Vedek Bareil comes in, wearing boring orange robes.


Okay, if I can return to the topic of boots here, you can see that all the Starfleet boots are either tall or hidden under their pant legs. Even Quark is wearing tall boots (and short pants?). But Odo, in the Bajoran uniform, has his pants tucked into short boots. Ick.

Kira introduces the others as her friends and says she didn’t know Bareil was coming. He says it’s wiser not to announce these things.

Odo asks how bad things are on Bajor. He says the violence has escalated and it seems there are more weapons on the street than during the occupation. Kira asks how this could be? Bareil says he tries to focus on spiritual matters. Kira stammers through an apology.

Bareil says he’s heard she’s leaving the station. He asks if she has immediate plans. Everyone in the room turns to stare at her. She says she hasn’t given it much thought. Bareil invites her to stay at the monastery for a bit as it helps when the spirit gets bruised. She says thanks.

Kira wanders through Ops on a farewell tour, looking around while sentimental music plays.

Li Nalas appears, dressed in the universe’s most boring Bajoran uniform.

He even looks a bit sleepy.

Maybe one day I’ll look up what the colors mean to Bajorans – maybe it’s just rank? If he’s taking over Kira’s position, why wouldn’t he have a red uniform instead of a gray one? Unless he’s not a major.

In any case this uniform looks terrible on him. It kind of blends in with his gray hair and makes him look older, and it also looks kind of wrinkled and too big. The upper chest area looks like it’s made of a thicker material than the lower part, rather than just a darker color of the same material.

She says that if she can do anything to help, let her know. He apologizes and says he didn’t want the job. She says she didn’t at first either. He says he isn’t quite sure what he’s supposed to be doing.

Sisko appears and says that as he understands it, Li will report directly to the Prophets, but he might ask for help from time to time. Li says he’ll do his best to do whatever needs to be done, but he knows he can’t replace Kira. Sisko says no one could. Kira thanks him and requests permission to disembark.

Sisko says he promises to both of them that he’ll get her back.

On Bajor. Kira has grown bangs and is placing some rocks in the water. Bareil appears and tells her it’s crooked. She agrees.


I went back to previous screenshots because I was like, “did she have bangs before and I didn’t notice?” but no, she definitely did not. This haircut reminds me of my best friend in first grade, who had short hair in a style similar to this.

“Layers” seems to be the word they were going for with this outfit. For the second or third time, we see a lacy crocheted sweater thing, so I guess this is a Bajoran fashion. It looks like an orangey dress thing over a light green t-shirt. I can’t say I hate the look.

She says it’s not working out; the stones are straight and she’s crooked. He asks if she sees herself that way and she says sometimes; sometimes she likes being that way. She crosses back across the water and they stare at one another awkwardly for a moment. She then says if she stays longer she could destroy the whole arboretum. He suggests she try woodcrafts.


This isn’t a very clear photo, but it’s enough to tell that the crocheted sweater is actually really long, and I think I want it. Tall boots! So much better than the uniform ones. I can’t tell if that’s a dress with leggings underneath or just a dress. Anyway, it looks good on her.

She asks if she can tell him something personal, and then admits she has no artistic skills. She says she feels useless there and needs to feel useful. He says maybe she should explore what it’s like to be useless for a while. She says he doesn’t know her. He says he’s beginning to. There’s another awkward silence.

He says “it’s time, isn’t it?” and invites her to come inside. She is skeptical but agrees.

They walk inside a building with a round entryway.


I had an epiphany while looking at this  screenshot and remembering that in the last episode, when Kira was praying, she was facing a thing on the wall that was a circle, and that the extremist group is called The Circle. There must be a spiritual significance to the shape for Bajorans. I like that this is implied and not spelled out.

Kira says she’s never been to that part of the monastery before. He hopes it will be the first of many visits. She thinks they should talk about something, but then gets quiet when she sees a black box with some blue circles on it, and lowers her gaze to the floor.


Probably you remember this, but we haven’t seen an Orb since the pilot, when Kai Opaka showed one to Sisko.

Kira says she’s dreamed of this all her life. Bareil goes over and opens the box to reveal the Orb, glowing inside. He says it’s the Third Orb, the orb of prophecy and change. She asks what she does. He says to be useless and let the prophets guide her.


She’s in the chamber of ministers. Everyone is shouting. Dax is there, but dressed as a Bajoran Vedex (monk? I don’t know.)


She has the orange colors that Bareil wears, but the funky hat (inspired by the Sydney Opera House) that Vedek Winn wears. I wonder if it’s a gender specific hat, since Winn is the only other person we’ve seen wear something similar, and the male Vedeks (like Bareil) don’t wear head coverings.

She says to listen. Kira says she can’t hear them. They hug. Then Kira pulls back and it’s Winn. Behind her, Minister Jaro says he can hear them, they’re calling to him.

Bareil appears and says not to listen to him; allow herself to hear them, they’re calling to her.


Bareil is not wearing religious robes, but a Bajoran uniform like Kira’s. I wonder about that symbolism.

Winn says “blasphemy,” and then Kira is naked. Bareil says “listen to them!” and she asks for help, saying that she doesn’t know how. He says she does. Then he is behind her, also naked (or at least shirtless). She leans back against him, closes her eyes, and then turns to face him. He keeps saying “you do” and they move in for a kiss.

The vision ends.

A Bajoran is talking on a screen, saying there are dozens of beatings every night, until they go looking for the culprits, and then they’re gone.

This screen kind of looks like a trading card. Have you collected Boring Bajoran Uniformed Man?

Odo, to whom the man is talking, says this is because they have powerful friends who are protecting them. The man agrees. He says the government is bringing troops into the capital to bring an end to the Circle, and that Odo should keep his eyes open.

In the middle of the call, Quark entered, and now that it’s over, Odo tells him he hasn’t made any progress in finding the ones who assaulted him.


Quark is wearing the dark upholstery jacket, which is almost identical to the light upholstery jacket.

Quark says it’s over. Odo is confused. Quark says everything is over and they need to leave – at least he does, Odo can turn into a couch. Odo says the Circle are just hooligans.

Quark says he knows the Circle has enough weapons and explosives and supplies to support an army. Odo asks how he knows that. Quark says he’s been asking questions. Odo asks where they’re getting weapons. Odo says the Kressari. Odo says that doesn’t make sense – they don’t have a military and are botanic DNA traders. Quark says they’re not delivering flowers these days.

Odo asks the computer when the next Kressari vessel is coming – 36 hours. He tells Quark to find out where the weapons are being sent to on Bajor, but Quark wants to get as far away from Bajor as he can. Odo deputizes him and tells him to find out. He’s going to look into where they’re coming from.

Quark laughs hysterically at the thought of them being a team. Odo says to help out or he’s going in a cell. Quark agrees to be a deputy.

Sisko says he’s going to Bajor because he and Odo think a coup might be coming. He asks Li Nalas if he can use his military contacts to find out how much support the Provisional Government has. Dax and Chief can handle things in Ops.


Li still looks horrible in the uniform, and it still looks like it’s too big and needs ironing. He also has a quiet voice, so I feel like in this entire episode he’s giving the impression he’s just woken up.

Li suggests establishing a curfew as another cargo bay was vandalized the night before. Sisko agrees. Also he’s asked Odo to give Li a bodyguard.

Back at the monastery, Kira tells Bareil she’s going to do the woodcrafts. She doesn’t want to tell him what she really saw in the orb.


It looks like Kira’s outfit is actually a dress.

Bareil tells her that the last time he saw the third Orb, she was part of his vision, and that’s why he invited her to the monastery. He won’t say what part she played in the vision, and he wonders if he played a part in her vision. She says no.

Thunder rumbles, and he wonders how there could be a storm on a day as lovely as this. Kira realizes it’s gunfire.

Vedek Winn appears on a bridge over them.

No, that’s not intimidating at all, why do you ask? 

She vaguely recalls meeting Kira, who reminds her of her name. She asks why Kira is there. Bareil says he invited her. Winn says he deserves some recreation. Bareil says Kira is there to explore her pagh.

 Winn says this is a worthy endeavor for someone who has led such a life of violence, and she’s sure the assembly would have had no objection to her encounter with an Orb had they been consulted. Bareil says no one has ever been held to that formality. Winn agrees but says she’s always consulted with the Assembly in advance, thinking of it as a courtesy.

She asks how long Kira plans to stay. Kira says she’s not sure. Winn says to stay as many days as she’d like – even a week! Then moves on.

Some Bajorans are doing some military things. A guy is giving orders to another guy. They’re both wearing boring gray uniforms and standing in front of what I guess is a map of the capital? The room is round.


The subordinate leaves and the guy goes back to work pushing the map and making it beep.

Sisko appears, escorted by another Bajoran, and introduces himself to General Krim. He says they met at a session of the Executive Committee. The General says he remembers and was impressed by his talk. Sisko says he disagreed with it. Krim agrees but says he was impressed anyway.


Krim is wearing a gray uniform, and it looks slightly better on him than on Li Nalas. The boots still look stupid.

Krim asks what he can do for him. Sisko says he understood Krim was in command of the forces defending the city. Krim says he’s not really defending it. Sisko says he heard that the military is unwilling to contend with the Circle and he’s been observing troop movements – the military has been retreating from possible confrontations.

Krim says he can’t appreciate that this is Bajoran against Bajoran. Sisko says he appreciates that the government will stand only if the military supports it. He tells him about the Kressari. The general had not heard this. Sisko says they are trying to track the shipments and figure out where they’re stored. Krim says he’d like to know; Sisko says he’ll be the first one contacted.

Sisko also brings up Kira. He heard she has not been reassigned and he would like to get her back. The general says this is out of his purview and he should discuss it with Minister Jaro. Then he notes that Sisko told him about the Kressari before asking for the favor. He says he could have tried to trade the info for the favor. Sisko says he wouldn’t do that. Krim says he’ll remember that.

On the station, Dax tells Li Nalas that someone is calling again, and getting tired of seeing her smile. O’Brien and Odo haven’t come up with anything yet. Li agrees to give it a try.

The alien on the screen says he’s been delayed for six hours and the Kressari government will lodge a formal protest.


I guess he’s a Kressari, and his outfit seems reminiscent of plants, which makes sense given what we’re told about them as botanical traders.

Li apologies and says there is some confusion with their inventory system. The captain is upset they’re opening all the containers in his cargo hold. He says they’re very sensitive herbaceous materials. Li says they’ll have it cleared up in a few minutes. The guy says he was told that a few hours ago and hangs up, angry.

On the Kressari ship, O’Brien is moving things around when Dax calls. She says they can’t hold up the ship much longer and he says there isn’t much more they can accomplish for now. The ship is supposed to return the day after tomorrow so they can clear up their inventory computer issues then. O’Brien agrees. He tells the captain to have a fair voyage and leaves.

The captain tells his crew to prepare for immediate departure. Odo slides out of the box that O’Brien was carrying and turns into a mouse that squeaks across the floor.

Kira is standing on a rock in the middle of a stream when Sisko approaches. He apologizes for interrupting her meditation. She says it was a daydream. He says he remembers doing that a long time ago. She says it’s like riding a bike.


He asks if she can come back to reality for a moment. She asks if that means DS9? He asks if she’s interested. She says a lot has happened and she encountered an Orb that gave her a lot to think about.

He says he came to let her know they haven’t given up hope but there seem to be some bigger problems. She says she heard the gunfire in the distance. He says the distance is getting closer, the Circle is armed for a coup, and he’s not convinced the military will back the Provisional Government. Kira didn’t know any of this, she’s been isolated.

Sisko says he has to head back and turns to go. Kira says “me, too.” He says he hasn’t given up.

Kira starts to follow him, but then three men in maroon robes rush forward and grab her, using a hypospray to knock her unconscious. They carry her off.


On the Kessari freighter, the Kressari transport in a Cardassian. The Cardassian says that he thinks he’ll find everything in order. The Kressari scans it. The Cardassian signs off on the shipment and then transports out.

Typical Cardassian uniform, nothing to see here. Yawn.

Meanwhile, in a cave with the graffiti of the Circle on the wall, Jaro appears. Kira says he’s involved with the Circle. He says he is the Circle. She understand now why he wanted to ship Li Nalas to the station.

She asks how he can betray his government. He says he’s heard her opinion of the government – they can’t even agree it is a government and so call it “provisional” – another word for powerless. He sits on a rock and says he won’t let the Bajoran people be powerless anymore. They won’t be doormats to the Cardassians or the Federation or anyone.

Kira says he should vote to change the government, not sneak up behind it with a dagger. He says they can discuss politics later, but he wants to know what the Federation will do once their objective becomes clear.

Kira says nothing. He says he heard she has no love for the Federation and he’ll send her back to the station and give her the station after they get rid of Starfleet. He asks if she thinks they’ll support the government. Kira says to worry about their own military. He asks what Sisko will do. She says nothing and sits down.

Jaro says he despises the Cardassians, but they learned things from them, like how to encourage people to talk.


Sisko tells the others that Bareil says there were no signs of a struggle. Bashir wonders if someone saw them leave. Chief wonders if they transported her out.

Li Nalas says he’ll try to get some help from the local authorities, who have their hands full with other things. Sisko asks when Odo is due back – 12 hours. Quark comes in and says they don’t need Odo, they have his number one deputy.

Quark says he thinks he knows where Kira is. He found out where the Circle’s headquarters is – the labyrinths beneath the Perikian peninsula. Sisko calls security and says he needs a few officers to go on a rescue mission. He gets O’Brien to pilot, and asks Dax and Bashir to come along. Li says he wants to go along – he can fight and he takes orders, but he doesn’t know how to do his current job.

Sisko agrees, leaving Dax behind instead.

In the cave, the Circle members are picking up weapons. Our heroes transport in along with two generic security personnel. Sisko observes they have more arms than a Galaxy class starship. They hear Kira yell out but don’t know where it’s coming from.

Li was hired for his crouching skills.

Sisko says they’re just going to run in and start shooting. Whoever finds Kira, pin a badge to her and call for transport at once. They head out.

There’s lots of shooting. One of the unnamed security guys is hit at once. Bashir sees Kira and abandons the fight to go help her, climbing up some rocks to get to her. She has wounds on her face.

The other security guy gets shot. Bashir is hit trying to give Kira the badge, but she picks it up. Bashir recovers enough to call Chief and ask him to get them out, and they all transport away.

Back on DS9, Kira pushes Bashir aside, saying she doesn’t have time for his healing.

Sisko says they have to assume Jaro will move quickly now that she’s back. Kira says that Li is their only chance – Jaro knows he’s the only force that could stop him. She wants to bring him to to the Chamber of Ministers. Sisko thinks he’d be dead before he had a chance to speak.

Odo comes in just then and reveals that the weapons are Cardassian and that’s who the Circle is getting weapons from. He took the thumb scanner that the Kressari used to confirm the shipment. Kira is astonished – the Circle hates the Cardassians. Odo says they think they’re buying from Kressari traders.

Li is confused – why would the Cardassians want to help Jaro if he hates them?

Bashir gets it. It gets them what they want the most – rid of Starfleet. They’re using Jaro, Sisko finishes. Once the Federation is forced to leave, the Cardassians will return.

Li realizes he needs to do something. Sisko calls Dax and tells her to open a channel and tell them that Li wants to talk to the Ministers.

Dax says they can’t; all frequencies to Bajor are jammed. They lost all communication with the planet 5 minutes ago.

Kira concludes it has started. Sisko asks for an admiral at Starfleet command.

On Bajor, Winn goes to talk to Jaro. He says he feels the Prophets smiling on him. Winn says they have rarely encountered a pagh as forceful as his. He says he knows the future and it belongs to him and he doesn’t need her support. He wants her public support.

She says that surely her support would not be significant, since her order is so small. He says she stands for a return to orthodox values, as does he, and they’re a match made by the Prophets. Winn says that unfortunately she feels her voice is rarely heard in the Assembly. Jaro says this could change if he becomes the new leader.

She says if he is the new leader. He asks if the Prophets have given her reason to doubt his ascension? She says she did not say that. He tells her to tell the people that the Prophets are with him. She says that’s a lot to ask. He knows.

She says she needs more than prestige. The people need leadership to return to the old values. HE says he thinks she’s worthy of being the next Kai and he’ll do everything in his power to assure that she is. She says the prophets are smiling on him today. They turn to look out at the sun.



Dax has successfully contacted Admiral Chekote on subspace. Sisko goes to take it in his office.

Chief interrupts to say that two assault vessels are headed that way from Bajor. They’ve given non-Bajorans 7 hours to evacuate.

Sisko talks to the admiral and gives him the update.

The admiral is nothing exciting either. Yawn.

Chekote asks if they’re preparing to withdraw. Sisko says that they’ve just figured out the Circle is being supplied by the Cardassians, and if they withdraw, they’ll be giving Bajor and the wormhole back to the Cardassians.

The admiral is alarmed. He says that this is an internal Bajoran matter, and while the Cardassians might involve themselves in other people’s civil wars, they don’t – the Prime Directive applies. He asks if the people on the station are in danger. Sisko says yes. The admiral orders them to evacuate.

Sisko emerges and asks Chief how long it will take to evacuate. Chief says 3 hours. Sisko clarifies that he means all their stuff as well – all Federation property of any kind. Chief says days – maybe a week. The vessels will be there in 7 hours.

Sisko says it seems some of them won’t be done by the time they arrive.


Stray Thoughts:

* It took a while to get going, but this episode upped the dramatic stakes from the last episode, and was overall pretty exciting.

* I’m not clear on whether Winn has agreed to publicly support Jaro or not at the end of the conversation. She seemed reluctant to publicly state that the Prophets are with him. I assume she’s not convinced he’s going to come out on top, and she’s going to be cautious about who she backs.

* Bareil really is kind of boring, isn’t he? Was showing the Orb to Kira a weird way of flirting? Why doesn’t she want him to know what she saw? I’m guessing she doesn’t have feelings for him, or maybe just feels like it would be awkward to date a Vedek.

* Li Nalas seemed to play a big part in the last episode, but he didn’t do much of anything here.

* I think Jake might have been wearing a new jumpsuit at the beginning of the episode when he meets his dad in the hall to show him the graffiti. He was on screen very briefly, though, and I didn’t get a good look at it. If it is a new jumpsuit, I’m sure we’ll see it again, though!