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The Thursday Politics Thread Fights All Of The Subpoenas

Morning Politicadoes!

Crime President gonna Crime President. The administration has chosen to resist all subpoenas being issued by the House Committees.Trump Cabana Boy Barr has instructed senior DOJ officials to not cooperate. As the prospects for a vote on impeachment increase, Trump himself went on a twitter tear claiming that he’d go to the Supreme Court first (?) and fight it there. Certainly the actions of an innocent man! In any case, the Supreme Court doesn’t intercede on impeachment proceedings as a general rule.

One of the more interesting aspects of these fights is the White House’s attempts to prevent Don McGahn from complying with the subpoena. Maybe they think they can exert executive privilege, but given that McGahn already spoke with the Special Counsel and he’s also no longer an employee of the Federal government I find this to be an incredibly weird path to go down.

General consensus seems to be that these lawsuits and stonewalling tactics aren’t going to win any legal battles. It’s a delay tactic. He’s buying time. He thinks it keeps from actually being impeached before the election. Just as well, as Hillary Clinton noted in her recent WaPo op-ed opening impeachment investigations in the House will only uncover more evidence of what happened going forward. If he’s thinking playing for time will keep people from learning the truth, then he’s sorely mistaken.

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