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The Thursday Politics Thread Is [REDACTED]

Morning Politocadoes!

The DOJ will be releasing its redacted version of the Muller Report to Congress at 11:00 AM. To the public? Who knows! Barr, maybe! Barr himself will hold  IMm_YCpVhp29kOX2TmGwbpLSc2M=

Today at 9:30. He will be there, Rosenstein will be there, Mueller will not and Barr will be taking questions on the principle conclusions of the report. Basically what he did before with the memo but this time with cameras and complete control of the narrative. He also has been caught briefing the White House on the contents of the report allowing the White House time to defend itself. Giuliani is apparently preparing a 35 page counter report. Simply stunning.

The leaders of several House committees have condemned Barr’s behavior over the release of the Mueller Report. Given how things shake out, the subpoenas are ready to go as of tomorrow. I’d say do it today and call on Robert Mueller to testify on the Hill.

In any case, this day is gonna be something of a shitshow. Think of how the Memo was received. The Press, narrative-hungry vultures that they are, will take Barr at his word , give equal time of analysis to Giuliani’s response,  and start the ‘No Collusion’ narrative all over again only to look like a chain of fools by Sunday.

Just don’t look folks. It’s gonna be a dumb and bad day.

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Welcome to Thursday! Please be excellent to each other! The Mayor McSquirrel Rule is in effect because we’re better than him. Be on alert for any Clammy news items. Let a moderator know when one is getting posted too much to have it pinned to the top of the thread.

Update: Here is the Mueller Report run through an OCR so it can be text searched. Thanks to Ornery for this: reportOCR