Sports Corner – April 17, 2019

The big story of the sports week is Tiger, but I figure we’ve all heard plenty about it by now.  So I am leading with the genuine surprise of the Warriors blowing a 31 point lead to the Clippers.  I don’t think anyone expects the Warriors not to wake up again for the rest of what should be a one sided series.  But man, for a title contender, that was really a bad look.  (I continue to think they are very beatable, and that they can’t just flip a switch and be awesome this time around.)  At the same time, it’s a tribute to super-sixth man Lou Williams and coach Doc Rivers that the Clippers came back.  And if you are looking to recruit a superstar, last night’s second half is a heck of a recruiting film.

Elsewhere, if you want some thoughts about reconciling Tiger the comeback king and Tiger the man, I recommend Sarah Spain. And we can also discuss:

  • The rather surprising collapse of the Lightning (which might be over by the time this posts), among other NHL playoff matchups
  • The NBA coaching merry go round
  • The endless array of Yankees on the IL
  • Russell Wilson, the highest paid played in the NFL
  • And eight days till the NFL meat market opens

As ever, all sports topics welcome.