The Avocado

The Crush Thread: TV Show Crushes

Who are some of your TV show crushes?

Now for some rules

-One crush per a post.

-All posts where you declare your crush must include at least 1 image or gif of the crush.

-Keep it respectful please. For example, “Wow this person is cute/hot/pretty/handsome” is fine and complementing them on aspects they have control over, like their makeup/clothing/hair style is also fine.

-Saying what you want to do them is not alright. For example “I WANT THEM TO FUCK ME IN THE ASS” or “I WANT TO 69 WITH THEM” is not alright.

-The crushes must be current.

-In regards to spamming, you can post 1 crush every four minutes and it won’t be considered spamming for this discussion..

Now rules specific to this particular topic:

-The character has to be in a live action work and it has to be from a tv show. Animated crushes will be a topic for another day.

-For this thread, characters are considered a movie character if that version of the character appears in a movie first. If their version of a character appeared in a tv show first, like say Firefly, they are considered a tv show character.


-Again, this is for characters from live action tv shows, not their actors.

If you have suggestions for future Crush Thread topics, be sure to reply to one of my comments either here or on the Daily Thread.