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The Thursday Politics Thread Is Playing For Time

Morning Politocadoes!

So William Barr continues to be a Trump toady. I’d love to be wrong. It’d be great if he were secretly holding back the report because people like, say, Devin Nunes (who is still in the Gang of 8) would be able to see that damning information in an unredacted report.  Is he secretly a patriot,  saying as loudly as possible exactly what Trump wants to hear to throw his enemies off the trail? But at this point

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Bill Bar is a washed up hack. A gremlin from the Reagan and Bush White Houses that recommended blanket pardons for what amounted to High Treason for Iran Contra. But who remembered who he was before all of this? His name wasn’t dragged through the mud, but it also wasn’t lionized. It’s the one thing he absolutely has in common with Crime President: He needs his name to be remembered. And he couldn’t live in relatively genteel anonymity, no, his own pride could not allow for that. So when the opportunity arose, he knew he was the perfect man for the job.


But I think the fly in the ointment was in how deep this went. Barr, who had been largely out of the loop politically for the last three decades, was totally unprepared for the result of Mueller’s probe. He probably thought he could just sweep it under the rug like Iran Contra. This ain’t Iran Contra and when he realized that, he tried to follow through on his promises to his new boss. You can even see it in the way he seems to be making it up as he goes along. From his summary or memo or whatever the hell that was to his recent decision to look into the ‘spying’ on the Trump Campaign by intelligence services. He is playing for time, he is looking for every excuse possible to make this all go away. And it really can’t.

Well, I mean can’t but shouldn’t is probably  more apt. I honestly don’t know where this is going now. Are we ever going to see it? Will any more indictments be coming out of this?Was Barr lying about that too? I have no idea if Barr is lying when he says that Mueller’s helping with redacting info from the report, whether he truly believes there was malfeasance in the intelligence community on this issue or whatever. It’s hard to say. I just know when someone is playing for time; Mnuchin is playing the same game. And hey, isn’t it convenient the Congress is going into recess soon.

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