The Hayes Code’s Day Thread for The Hayes Code’s Big Day Sponsored by The Hayes Code

The Hays Code was first developed in 1930 b Will H. Hays, but it wasn’t until 1934 that the Code truly went into effect as its strict enforcement became mandatory in Hollywood films.  While there’s an argument to be made that the passage of the Code allowed the movie industry to continue without government oversight in an era where it was under intense scrutiny, it was also an overly strict and prejudicial one that held the film industry back for decades until

Well that’s embarrassing.  I’m supposed to be talking about The Hayes Code who clearly has an e in her name and which therefore ruins the entire joke about misunderstanding the subject matter.  I swear, it would have worked much better if not written out [citation needed].  This is not a great start to a thread dedicated to a great commenter and more specifically a commenter who shelled out money for this privilege.

For a start, she’s known throughout the land for he Werewolfing, having participated in the Psychonauts, Werewolves For Novices, Werewolves in Neverland, Wrapped in Plastic, Sears, McCarthyism, Ella Minnow Pea, A Murder is Announced, The Clonus Horror (I would know, cause I was there), A Nightmare on Werewolf Street (what a crapily hosted game), Much Ado About Werewolves, The Medium Place, The House of Wimbiscus, The W-Files, The War on Xmas, Die Hard with a Werewolf, Pet Sematary, You Win or You Die, Toontown Terror, Anarchy!, 191X (I was also there), and The Prisoner.  So, basically almost every game from 60 on and the host of Warwilf/Mystery Violence Theater 3000.

But most of all, you should know The Hayes Code for her drawing ability which is very impressive.  I’ve been tasked by Werewolves to draw stuff before and needless to say it could be described as average for a kindergartner.  Instead Hayes gives us stuff like the below.

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So good.  While you’re at it, why don’t you admire the Giftmas creation she crafted.

Giftmas gift for Owen-Spooky.jpg

You can also find her outside of the Werewolf threads in the Comic Strip Thread, Book Nook, Weekly Games Thread, American Dad reviews, and more.  So why don’t you say hi the next time you see her around, but most importantly, why don’t you wish her a Happy Birthday today.

Self Portrait.jpg

Also as one final note.  To those that donated last week, check your your email for you should have received a message on Friday afternoon from GoFundMe containing a link.