The Day Thread Is Not Jackie Chan (4/7)

Today is Jackie Chan’s 65th birthday.

The prolific actor, singer, stuntman, and human meme is known for many things. Like getting a ton of folding chairs thrown at him, hanging from the hands of a clock, making Chris Tucker seem somewhat tolerable, or fighting ancient Chinese magic with his precocious niece Jade. He has been a Supercop, a cowboy, an animated monkey, and a spy next door. You may know him from such things as: the end credits sequences where Jackie Chan misses a stunt and gets seriously injured.

There’s also a popular home game called “It’s not Jackie Chan.” A sample question: name 10 things that aren’t Jackie Chan!




Jackie Chan….

Feel free to talk about your favorite Jackie Chan movies, stunts, and animated characters!

Also it’s Francis Ford Coppola’s birthday… but did that guy ever jump through the rungs of a steel ladder? I THINK NOT!