Werewolf 88-The Prisoner-Day Three

Where am I?

In the Village.

What do you want?


Whose side are you on?

That would be telling. We want Information. Information. Information.

You won’t get it.

By hook or by crook, we will.

Who are you?

The new Number Two.

Who is Number One?

You are, Number Six.



#13 exited her assigned home to go for a midnight stroll. The door opened on its own for her. Quite convenient really. She walked along the shoreline and wondered how the pieces all fit together, perhaps all of the villagers had some sort of connection? “Everybody is very much alike, really. But fortunately, perhaps, they don’t realise it.?”

Her thoughts were interrupted by a distant roar. As she looked up, awakened from her own thoughts, she saw the balloon charging towards her. What in heaven’s name did that thing want? Once it became apparent she was in mortal danger, it hardly mattered. She was consumed, never to be seen again.

#13-Grumproro has died. She was a PRISONER (VANILLA TOWN)

#94 wasn’t so lucky. As he wandered home from the mob that had killed #70, he was accosted by four figures. “Number two would like to see you.” “Oh, for the cooking competition?” “…This way please.” As they entered the building with the green dome, they were greeted by various other villagers wearing stove pipe hats.

“It has come to our attention, that you have been displaying behaviors that this community has deemed UN-MUTUAL!” Boomed #2. “Wait! I can get along! And my name’s…” “YOUR NAME IS OF NO CONSEQUENCE HERE! Since you don’t wish to conform to this civilized society, it seems we will have to teach you a lesson in manners. Be seeing you.”

#94-Forget_it_Jake has died. She a PRISONER (VANILLA TOWN)

Ugh, what a night. More restless headaches, more bizarre dreams. Something about a general…some…The treaty of Adrianople was September 1829, in 1830 Greek independence was assured and guaranteed by Russia, France and Britain, Bismark’s ally against Danish prince Christian of Glücksburg was Frederock of Austenburg…what on earth?

As the villagers leave their homes, there is a taxi waiting outside. Local service only. “Number 2 will see you now!” The villagers enter the new Number 2’s office, he has on his desk before him the photos of the recently deceased numbers 45, 34, 70, 13, and 94. Without looking up, he addresses the crowd.

Twilight will be 10AM EST Tuesday, April 2nd. Be seeing you!

[spoiler title=FACTIONS]


There are four Five wolves. Jailers posing as prisoners in order to eliminate any undesired problems. They will receive one kill per night and potential instructions from Number 2.


The guard dog of The Village has seemingly been malfunctioning and gone rogue allowing one kill per night. The Powers-that-be have decided to allow this to continue for reasons unknown.


  • The Man Who Knew Too Much (Investigator, may investigate one player per night.)
  • Protector (May guard one player per night, costing them their night actions)
  • Prisoners 9 (Vanilla Town. Their one weapon and possible hope for escape is to vote for one another.)


This role has been activated. What is this role? That would be telling.


[spoiler title= ALIVE]

#1. ?

#2. E-Dog

#26 Captain Video

#3. Sister Jude

#10. DW

#25. Louie

#41. PSmith

#68. hayjay

#6. Sic Humor

#32. Admirax Lamb Dance

#69. Mr.I’mMyOwnGrandpa

#7. Clodia

#666. Lord Stoneheart

#61. Annanommaly

#18. TobiasMorpheus

#96. Hayes

#24. Goat


[spoiler title=DEAD]

#45 Hoho

#34. The Wasp

#13. Grumproro

#70. Owen

#94. Forget_it_Jake


[spoiler title=RULES]

No quoting from QT’s…I cannot stress this enough.

A tie at twilight results in NO KILL

No game talk after Twilight plz

Please be respectful of your fellow players and their playstyles. Attack arguments, not people.

Be seeing you.


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