Triviacados: Monday, April 1, 2019

Welcome to our inaugural on-site daily trivia game that may or may not work as a better option than the Fun Trivia game that’s been running for awhile now (and which we are not replacing, so please feel free to keep coming at the ruler hagbardceline over there too!).

This is a bit of a test run, so two things (TWO THINGS!):

  1. See if the quiz embeds properly for you
  2. If you want your stats recorded day to day because you’re as secretly competitive as I am, friend the account jake_forgot_it and/or report your results here.

This is hopefully the beginning of a daily Avocado Trivia Tournament but is a trial run, so please make your preferences, difficulties, hangups, etc., known so we can refine it moving forward.

(If the embed doesn’t work, try this.)