Scott OT #174: The Last Night Thread of March (3/31)

It’s the end of the month, so here’s the best movies I saw for the first time this month.

10.) Thunderbolt and Lightfoot directed by Michael Cimino, 1974 (seen on Netflix)

9.) Threads directed by Mick Jackson, 1984 (seen on Shudder)

8.) Mesrine: Public Enemy #1 directed by Jean-Francois Richet, 2008 (seen on Shudder)

7.) A Field in England directed by Ben Wheatley, 2013 (seen on Shudder)

6.) Happy Death Day 2U directed by Christopher Landon, 2019 (seen in theaters)

5.) Cafe Lumiere directed by Hou Hsiao-hsien, 2003 (seen through Netflix’s DVD service)

4.) Phantasm directed by Don Coscarelli, 1979 (seen on Shudder)

3.) Captain Marvel directed by Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck, 2019 (seen in theaters)

2.) The Weeping Meadow directed by Theo Angelopoulos, 2004 (seen through Netflix’s DVD service)

1.) Us directed by Jordan Peele, 2019 (seen in theaters)

Other recommended films: Dead Man Shoes, Evolution 2015, The Fabulous Baron Munchausen, Female Human Animal, Free Solo, Greta, The Harder They Fall, High Flying Bird, Incendies, Little Odessa, Love Exposure, Never Goin’ Back, Not One Less, Prevenge, Rabid, Society, A Tale of Two Sisters, and Tower.

Best short film: La Libertad directed by Laura Huertas Millan, 2017 (seen on Mubi)

Worst film: Gerry directed by Gus Van Sant, 2002 (seen on YouTube)

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Hope you all have fun posting here tonight and have a great night.

Also, since today is Trans Day of Visibility, here’s a quick recommendation for a wonderful movies with trans characters and leads (no Jared Leto shit here): Sean Baker’s Tangerine, currently on Hulu.