A.P. Bio – Season 2, Episodes 1 – 3: “Happiness”, “Nuns”, & “Wednesday Morning, 8 AM”

A.P. Bio is back for Season 2!

Well, it’s been back for a few weeks. I was kinda hoping someone else would take up the reigns of posting reviews/discussion posts for the show (I miss Ruck Colchez). So, you know what they say: if it doesn’t exist, create it yourself!

Three episodes of Season 2 have aired so far. They are:



The core idea behind A.P. Bio is Jack’s refusal to accept that he’s now just a Toledo resident teaching high school biology (hence his refusal to actually teach any biology). In his mind, he’s merely slumming it for a while amid the backwards people of Ohio before returning to his rightful station in life.

So when Jack believes he’s discovered the secret to happiness in Toledo’s working class (it’s loving family + fulfilling work + lots of fatty foods) his response . . . is to write a book about this secret to happiness, make lots of money, and get far away from working class Toledo. It never occurs to him that he could lead this sort of fulfilling existence himself, because his sense of innate superiority won’t allow it.

In a B-plot, Principal Durbin and Helen are worried that, if anyone finds out the school’s copier is broken, there will be pandemonium. Their efforts to buy a used copier from an elementary school take a hilariously creepy turn.



How funny do you find the idea of nuns being creepy and vaguely supernatural? If the answer is anywhere close to “yes”, then this episode is a winner. I’m not sure if the proper name for a group of nuns is a “pod”, but I like to think it is.


“Wednesday Morning 8 AM”

A.P. Bio‘s “real time” episode (though the presence of commercial breaks allows some fudging there). Set during the half hour between Whitlock High opening its doors and the start of class, this episode has less of a plot, and more a series of vignettes showing what everyone gets up to during these thirty minutes, and it is quite probably the funniest episode this show has ever done!

Jack’s plan to get his massage chair back (at once insanely convoluted and completely half-assed). The gym coach buying a burrito with a dead man’s dollars. Heather’s “meat locker”. Grace’s eagerness to break a deer’s leg. The complete ineptitude of Whitlock High’s maintenance staff. They’re all very slight stories, some no more than a single moment, but they add up to a great big ball of fun.


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