Warwilf 87: Mystery Violence Theater 3000 – Day 6

Mr. B Natural danced and pranced along the corridor (having been ejected from the movie for excessive baton-twirling.) “Music, music, la la la! Tweedley-dee!” she sang merrily, tossing the baton from hand to hand. “Oh look! There’s someone else who’s not watching the movie. I should stop and spread the good word about ConnTM brand musical instruments. Hello! I’m Mr. B Natural. Knew your father, I did!”

“Let me see that baton,” asked the other person in the corridor. “Hmm. Just as I thought. This baton is weighted, and this stain on it…this is the the eye juice of the the Eye Creature! You’re the killer! It’s time to face the music!”

“Oh boy!” Mr. B said. “Music! I love music. And you’ll never catch me, not while I have that music in my heart. Tweedley-dee!”

And she teleported away, leaving behind a big plywood music note. Unfortunately she teleported right out of the ship.

“S-s-so cold,” she sang. “J-Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells.”

A tiny man with a mushroom cap appeared. “Mr. B Natural,” he declared, “for your hubris, I curse you with the head of a bear.”

“Oh boy, I’m saved!” crowed Mr. B as she transformed. She pulled out a handy book of bear fun facts and hummed “The Bear Necessities” as she thumbed through it, eager to learn about her new species.

“Doo dee doo, let’s see…fun fact No. 1! Bears can’t breathe in space. Uh-oh!”

WASP (Mr. B Natural) has died. She was a TEST SUBJECT (Town) and she was also IVAN.

[ You are a Test Subject (town) and you are also Ivan! Once per game at night, you may throw a club into the air and name a player. That player will be killed the next night when the club comes down. You win when all scum are eliminated. ]


Player Roll Call

Flubba (Mikey the Mike Sprite)CYMBAL BANGING MONKEY (Serial Killer)

Josephus (Reb Brown)

Mr. I’m My Own Grandfather (Zap Rowsdower)TEST SUBJECT (Town)

Hoho (Greasy Possum)


Sister Jude (Harried MST3K Writer)REBEL TEST SUBJECT (Wolf) – GODZILLA

E-dog (E-Dog)

Goat (Pumaman)

Mayelbridwen (Giant Lobster)(REBEL) TEST SUBJECT (Wolf Recruit) – THE MASTER

Louie (A Can of Hamdingers)TEST SUBJECT (Town) – WHITEY


Donalbain (Phil Mitchell)TEST SUBJECT (Town) – THE SCREAMING SKULL

Clodia (Skeleton Army)WILD CARD TEST SUBJECT (Unaligned) – JIMMY WILSON

Spooky (John Mulaney)

Mr. Glitch (The Amazing Colossal Man)TEST SUBJECT (Town)

Wasp (Mr. B Natural)TEST SUBJECT (Town) – IVAN

Captain Video (Commander Dobler)TEST SUBJECT (Town) – MAC

Ralph (Bill Dudley)

Sukaluski (Scruffy)

Grumproro (Johnny)TEST SUBJECT (Town) – TRUMPY

Lamb Dance (Santa Claus)TEST SUBJECT (Town) – ARAM FINGAL


This experiment contains:

Fourteen Six Test Subjects (town). I won’t give you ALL the details, but they include more than one one-shot vigilante, a doctor, a jailer, an investigator, and a spy who can observe night actions, among other things both useful and not-so-useful.

Four Five Three One Rebel Test Subject (wolf). These space mutineers have one recruiter, one rebel who won’t read as a rebel, one vanilla rebel, and someone who can do something else that will be an unpleasant surprise if it happens. A specific Rebel Test Subject is assigned to perform the killings each night. If they are killed or blocked, the next one in the line of succession takes the job, and so on.

No Wild Card Test Subjects (unaligned.) All Wild Cards are either dead, or have completed their win conditions and become regular Town players.

No more Cymbal-Banging Monkeys jumping on the bed.

Named roles and allegiances are revealed upon death. So are powers…mostly.

Some roles are SECRET. The roled player loses their power if they publically reveal either the name of their role or its power. They do not lose the power if these things are revealed through any other method.

A tie at Movie Sign=no kill. There’s plenty of other ways to die in this thing.

The Pant Association urges you to wear your pants at least three times per day, and the Post Association recommends you post at least as often! Please don’t quote directly from QTs, no editing posts, and let’s all be awesome to each other and have fun!

Movie Sign will be on Monday, March 25, at 9:00 PM Central US time.