Sunday Food Thread 3/24

Who’s a picky eater? I’m not referring to dietary restrictions but you’re certainly welcome to discuss those too. As a child I was a terribly picky eater, my mother would call me “the meat inspector” because I’d want to cut off the fat and any parts of a piece of meat that came in contact with the fat. At banquet type events I got labelled “the mashed potato kid” by an uncle because I’d make three trips to the buffet and come back with mashed potatoes (no gravy) and maybe a piece of bread each time, I ate PB & J and cheese sandwiches for lunch pretty much exclusively through high school. All that changed when I went away to college and met people who introduced me to all kinds of food and rather than look like a fool I overcame my fears and found out I like all kinds of things and none of it has killed me yet. That said I still don’t care for the texture of shellfish, even when it’s cooked properly, and things like organ meats and viscera turn me off too. If you do have dietary restrictions for either health or religious/ethical reasons please tell us about that too and how you cope.