The Avocado

Indy in Cali

What’s that? Yet another Avocado is visiting California? Yep, afraid so. I’ll be in the Los Angeles area (staying in Santa Ana more specifically)for a couple days with what looks like will be a mostly free day on Monday April 15 and I do believe we’ll be somewhere within LA itself that that day. In all likelihood my wife and I won’t be traveling to the west coast again for quite some time so if there’s anyone who will be around that day and would like to meet up for lunch/dinner/drinks, I’d be thrilled to say hey!

Suggestions for meet-up spots are very welcome!

UPDATE 4/8/2019
So after some looking around and discussion, I was thinking the Karl Strauss Brewing Co. in downtown LA. Merve said you all had one there previously and it worked out well. I was thinking 7 PM to meetup but we can be flexible if earlier or later is better? Add to the comments please and let me know if you can make it and what times are best!