Warwilf 87: Mystery Violence Theater 3000 – Day 2

Partway through the movie, one of the test subjects was tapped on the shoulder. “Psst! Follow me. I think you’ll want to hear what I have to say.”

Puzzled, the test subject slipped out of the theater and allowed themselves to be led through the ship to the cargo bay. Before they entered, there were four rebel test subjects on the Satellite of Love. When they stepped out again, there were five.

A new REBEL TEST SUBJECT has been recruited!


Meanwhile, Phil Mitchell had also left the theater, looking for a refill on popcorn. Phil had been through a lot in his life since he was introduced to EastEnders on 20 February 1990, including his battles with alcoholism and addiction; suffering from cirrhosis of the liver; various criminal dealings; having an affair with Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) who was married to Grant (a story popularly dubbed “Sharongate”); and too many other things listed on Wikipedia’s Phil Mitchell page for me to possibly transcribe here. Being shanghaid into outer space was just another twist in the soap opera that was Phil’s life.

As he turn a corner, he spotted something at the end of the hall, and started.

Oh. It was nothing but a little toy monkey. Nothing to worry about. He turned away, and continued his quest for popcorn.

Behind him, the monkey’s lifeless face seemed to grin as it pulled its cymbals back…back…


Phil Mitchell (Donalbain) has died. He was…

He was…

He was floating lifelessly in space. And then he twitched. He groaned. And Phil’s head exploded.

From the wreckage emerged a gleaming skull, freed at last from its fleshy prison, and hungry for vengeance. The skull turned its hollow sockets to the Satellite of Love, opened its mouth… and screamed.


The Screaming Skull has been killed and is seeking vengeance! The Screaming Skull is now hunting the CYMBAL-BANGING MONKEY!

The movie ended, and the lights came up in the theater. The test subjects got up and filed out of the theater, discussing the film with gusto.

“The juxtaposition of alien invasion tropes with Halloween imagery called to mind Johnson’s seminal 1990 tour de force Spaced Invaders.”

“True, but there was none of Johnson’s signature intricate plotting and powerful character work. A pedestrian effort at best.”

“Hey, what happened to Paul?”

“I don’t care!”

Arriving back in the Lobby, the test subjects sighed as the face of Dr. Forrester appeared once more on the viewscreen.

“Welcome back, everyone. Well, not everyone. The bad news is we had a little incident during the screening. The good news is, that was fully expected and included in my calculations. Frankly, I didn’t actually load enough food or oxygen for you all anyway, because I figured you’d just die and then a lot of it would go to waste.

While I get the next movie queued up, I have a little project for you. That’s right, it’s time for the Invention Exchange! I’ll go first. How often have you had a poignant thought, bon mot, trenchant insight, or especially dank meme, but have refrained from sharing it because you just didn’t have the right setting, one in which it could sparkle like a diamond? Enter my latest invention…TVsFrankiac.com!


By allowing you to place your own text over images of Frank, TVsFrankiac.com is disrupting the entire gif industry! Remember, anything worth saying is worth saying superimposed over VHS-quality still images of a doughy man-child.




Try all three, why don’t you.  Now let’s hear your inventions. And I expect to be WOWED!”


Player Roll Call



Mr. I’m My Own Grandfather



Sister Jude









Mr. Glitch


Captain Video




Lamb Dance


This experiment contains:

Fourteen Twelve Test Subjects (town). I won’t give you ALL the details, but they include more than one one-shot vigilante, a doctor, a jailer, an investigator, and a spy who can observe night actions, among other things both useful and not-so-useful.

Four Five Rebel Test Subjects (wolves). These space mutineers have one recruiter, one rebel who won’t read as a rebel, one vanilla rebel, and someone who can do something else that will be an unpleasant surprise if it happens. A specific Rebel Test Subject is assigned to perform the killings each night. If they are killed or blocked, the next one in the line of succession takes the job, and so on.

Two One Wild Card Test Subject (unaligned.) These players have their own agendas and win conditions. They will read as town if investigated. It is possible for them to be recruited by the rebels, but they will continue to have their own secret agenda.

One Cymbal-Banging Monkey (serial killer.)

Named roles and allegiances are revealed upon death. So are powers…mostly.

Some roles are SECRET. The roled player loses their power if they publically reveal either the name of their role or its power. They do not lose the power if these things are revealed through any other method.

A tie at Movie Sign=no kill. There’s plenty of other ways to die in this thing.

The Pant Association urges you to wear your pants at least three times per day, and the Post Association recommends you post at least as often! Please don’t quote directly from QTs, no editing posts, and let’s all be awesome to each other and have fun!

MOVIE SIGN will be Tuesday, March 19, at 7:00 PM Central US time.