To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S01E17: “Dramatis Personae “

To Boldly Sew is a recap of DS9 episodes, with a specific focus on the fashions of the many aliens and other characters that make up the series. Feel free to discuss matters of plot and general Star Trek things in the comments. 

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Sisko is in his office. He’s looking at a pad and a wall screen at the same time. Kira enters.


She says a Valerian Transport has requested permission to dock at the station. They ran weapons grade dolamide to the Cardassians during the occupation of Bajor and she thinks they’re still doing that.

Sisko says he shares the concern but they have no proof. Kira wants to conduct a search of the ship. He says that dolamide is used for other things, so even if they have some it might not be proof and also they can’t board the ship and search without evidence. He says if she brings him evidence that they’re trading in weapons grade dolamide, he’ll tell the Federation, and then they can bring diplomatic pressure against the Valerians. Kira is skeptical, but Sisko thinks they’ll want to keep trading with the Federation. Yay, politics.

Kira agrees with some reluctance. She leaves the office and heads out to Ops.


Dax reports to Chief that they’ve gotten a message from his wife saying that they’ve arrived on Bajor safely. Apparently they’re visiting a grain processing center. This sounds like the worst school trip ever. Chief is glad it’s not him chaperoning 11 bored school kids. I agree!

Odo arrives on a turbolift with some info for Kira on the captain of the Valerian ship. She says to let her know if he finds anything else.

Dax says something is coming through the wormhole, so they put it on screen. Kira tells Sisko to come out and look at it. It’s a Klingon vessel that wasn’t due back for another month.

Sisko says to hail them.

Always share explosion images.

The ship explodes before they can make contact, surprising them all.

Chief says he’s reading a transporter signal – someone beamed off the ship just as it exploded. A moment later it becomes obvious that the person is trying to beam onto DS9, but something is interfering with the re-materialization process.

Resulting in some vague red light.

Dax and Chief do some technobabble to boost the signal and succeed. A Klingon appears, and collapses.

In the dark, of course!!

There are no good images of the Klingon. Just trust me when I say he’s wearing boring Klingon clothing.

Bashir says he’s been hit by weapons fire and is severely injured. He wants to move him to cryostasis. The Klingon manages to sit up, says, “Victory,” and then collapses, dead.

Not sure how victorious you are, considering that your ship was blown up and now you’re dead, but okay.


Sisko updates his log to tell us that the dead Klingon’s name was Hon’Tihl, first officer of the Toh’Kaht. (Thanks, captions for helping me spell things correctly.) They don’t know why he died or why his ship was destroyed.

Bashir says he found titanium alloy fragments in his chest and arms, and he also had severe burns. He’s running an analysis to try to determine the type of weapon used.

Kira muses on his comment of “Victory.” Dax reports that the ship was on a routine bio-survey mission. (This seems rather boring for Klingons, but I guess even they have scientists.) Chief is confused what victory has to do with bio-surveying. Odo recalls that the ship put in for maintenance.

Sisko says to ask around and see what he can learn about the bio-survey. He directs Dax and O’Brien to take a runabout to space and try to find the ship’s mission recorder, in the hopes of learning what caused the explosion. Chief runs off but Dax sits staring into space with a smile on her face for a few moments afterward until Chief calls her, and then she goes along.

Kira is hailed by the Valerian ship Sherval Das, who wants to dock. She declines, telling them there will be a slight delay. The captain says they are in need of maintenance, and it’s been a long journey.

Sadly, this guy is most interestingly dressed alien this entire episode.

No great pictures of the captain of the Sherval Das; all we see of him is this small image on a tiny screen. He’s wearing what looks like a high white collar and a dark blue sweater. I can’t tell the style of his hair, but it looks purple.

Kira tells him they have their own problems.

Sisko appears, tells the ship to stand by and demands an explanation from Kira. She says she wasn’t finished running a background check. Sisko says he thought they agreed not to delay the docking? Kira says they just left two planets that they used to visit when they were running dolamide. After that, the last stop used to be a purification plant; if she can place them at that place, they’d know they were running weapons-grade material.

Sisko, obviously not convinced, tells the captain they’ve been cleared for docking.

Odo goes to Quark’s and asks Quark about the Klingons.


Quark is wearing his lighter colored upholstered jacket with dark pants and a big gold buckle on the front. There are no interesting customers in the background, just a single Starfleet officer.

Odo says he heard there were some problems last time. Quark says that the Klingons are hard on the holosuites and wreck furniture – he’s still fixing walls in one of the holosuites. They spend big, but they cause a lot of damage and he’s lucky to break even.

Quark said they were bragging about their glorious mission; he wondered what was glorious about a bio-survey. Odo asks what they said, but now Quark is on to him, and guesses that he’s looking for clues and wants something in return. They barter for a bit, with Odo saying he might put in a priority request for the crew that’s fixing the broken holosuite.

Quark finally relents and reports that the Klingons said they’d come back through the wormhole with something that would make the enemies of the Klingon Empire tremble. He says this is a direct quote. Odo says this is helpful. Quark says not to let it get around.

As Odo is leaving, he suddenly starts screaming in pain and choking. His face does something weird and then he collapses, stiff as a board.


Quark runs off, shouting for Bashir.

Bashir scans Odo, who wakes up in the middle of it. Odo says he feels fine. Bashir says they’re going to have to go with that, since he doesn’t know anything about how Odo’s body works. Odo looks at his hands and sits up. He says he doesn’t remember anything. Bashir admits his own incompetence.

As Odo is leaving, Bashir asks if he shares his concerns about the Valerian situation. Odo doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Bashir says not to be surprised if the uneasy alliance on the station starts to show a few cracks. Odo is more confused. Bashir explains that he thinks there will be trouble between Kira and Sisko.

Odo asks what he’s basing this on. Bashir says it’s probably nothing, and it’s probably too early to commit oneself either way.  Eerie music playing in the background reinforces the feeling that something is Off here.

Kira barges into Sisko’s office and says she has proof that the Valerians were at the purification plant a week ago, and now she wants to take an armed team and storm their ship. She’s tempted to take them to Bajor and press charges.

Sisko seems very chill.


Sisko asks by whose authority. Kira notes that he’s not going to do anything about it. He says he’s not and neither is she. She says the ship is acting against Bajoran interests and the station is Bajoran property. Sisko says it’s commanded by a Federation officer – him. Is she challenging that? She backs down and says no.

In space, O’Brien and Chief are looking through debris for the recorder from the Klingon ship.


Chief notices that Kira has become more aggressive about station policy. Dax says it’s a difference of opinion.

Chief asks what if it’s more than a difference of opinion, and Kira thinks the Bajorans don’t need them on DS9. Dax says it would be suicidal; Bajor needs the federation to protect them from the Cardassians. Chief says plenty of Bajorans think they can go it alone.

Chief says Dax has been quite friendly with Kira. Dax says she supposes so. Chief says to remember where her loyalties lie, and she says that she has been friends with Sisko for a long time, so she’s on his side. She then starts to meander down a thoughtful memory, but Chief interrupts. “Good!” he says, “anyone who’s against Sisko is against me.”

The computer starts to beep; he notes a weak signal that is the mission recorder. That was easy!

Kira stops by Odo’s office. She says she thinks they work pretty well together. He agrees that their relationship has always be cooperative. She agrees and says she needs his cooperation.

She wants proof that the Valerians are up to no good; her current evidence is circumstantial. She wants him to slip past their security and into their cargo bay. Odo says he heard Sisko didn’t want them to interfere. Has he changed his mind? Kira says yes. Odo agrees and says he’ll inform them both. Kira says it’s not necessary; Sisko is very busy.

Of course Odo is immediately suspicious – Kira admits that she can’t fool him. Odo sees that she wants him to go behind Sisko’s back. Kira says to forget it, it’s a bad idea. Then she asks what if he had to choose sides, and to remember who his friends are.


O’Brien updates his personal log (!) to tell us that they retrieved a portion of the Klingon Officer’s journal. Kira heard about it, which he attributes to spies.

They watch a garbled video of a Klingon talking about how his captain has gone insane and executed two more crew members. He also mentions something about energy spheres.


Sisko says he doesn’t care.


O’Brien says he is working on it with Dax because maybe the Klingons care. Sisko reluctantly agrees to let them continue, but really seems disinterested. Dax says that sometimes the search is reward enough, and again starts to think about a past memory, but now Sisko cuts her off and tells them to do whatever they have to do, just not bother him with it. He goes back into his office.

Odo is very confused.

Quark is pouring a drink, which he serves to Dax.

It’s neon blue over…coffee? Looks like something that could be served at Starbucks.

Kira appears and tells him to get lost.

Kira asks how Dax is, and Dax replies with some weird aphorism. Kira is speechless for a moment and then asks if she is happy. Dax says she is not asked that question often. Kira says she is the most valuable officer on the station. With permission, she takes a sip of Dax’s drink, commenting that it’s not bad – for Quark.

Kira lays on the flattery and says that she couldn’t run the station without her. She says that her disagreement with Sisko is no secret – Dax knows how he gets when he’s made a decision. Dax agrees it’s like talking to a stone, and then she starts to tell another old story. Kira points out that she told the same story that morning. “Oh, I suppose I did,” Dax replies.

Kira says if Dax talked to Starfleet Command and told them how the Bajorans were unhappy with Sisko’s handling of things, they would surely listen to her. Dax considers, and then agrees – she was decorated on her very first mission. She starts to head off on a story again but Kira interrupts. She says they have to keep the Valerians there until they can search the ship and confiscate the dolamide.

Dax says she’s been friends with Sisko for many years, and he’s like a son or a nephew. Kira says she’s getting rid of Sisko one way or another – don’t force her to get rid of Dax as well.

They’re interrupted by Quark dropping some glasses. Kira threatens him, chokes him, and then throws him against the wall after he says he heard nothing. Then she leaves.


Quark comes to see Odo in his office. He is wearing a neck brace.


He says he wants to file charges against Kira, who tried to tear his head off when he heard her trying to persuade Dax to take sides against Sisko.

Odo asks if Dax seemed persuaded. Quark asks what difference that made – he was attacked! Odo presses, and Quark admits that he couldn’t tell – Dax seemed on the fence. Odo asks if Kira’s behavior doesn’t seem a little out of the ordinary. And the others… Sisko was bored and acting like he couldn’t be bothered about running the station, and why is Bashir concerned about station politics?

Quark says, don’t look at me that way, I’m perfectly normal. Odo decides he must talk to Sisko, and leaves Quark. Quark shouts after him, but Odo doesn’t care.

At Ops, Dax is dreamily watching the video of the Klingon officer’s log.


Odo heads to Sisko’s office, but O’Brien is there. O’Brien is also watching the video.


He tells Odo that Sisko is in his quarters, where it’s safe. The Klingon says something about energy spheres and that the captain must die.

Odo muses that there was a power struggle onboard. Chief says it’s standard operating procedure for a Klingon vessel. Odo says it’s unusual for a Federation-run space station. O’Brien says that if Kira tries anything they’ll be ready.

Odo asks when the other log entries will be available – Chief says at least 7 hours more. He agrees to share them with Odo. As Odo leaves, he says “don’t the commander and I always try to make you happy?” Odo doesn’t respond.

Odo heads to Sisko’s quarters. There are two security people on the door, on O’Brien’s orders. They don’t try to prevent Odo entering, so he rings the bell.

Sisko is sitting in a chair looking at a pad on which he’s drawing (I think?). He asks Odo how he’s doing, and when Odo says he’s concerned, Sisko says this is inappropriate on such a fine afternoon.

Odo says he thinks something might be wrong with some of them, as some people are acting abnormal. Sisko doesn’t respond. Odo says there seems to be a mutiny on the Klingon ship and he finds some disturbing parallels. Sisko says that if something is bothering Odo, to tell it to Mr. O’Brien. He turns around the pad he’s been drawing and shows it to Odo.

Sadly, we never get a clear view of the drawing.

It’s a clock, he explains, and calls it fascinating. Odo is really weirded out now.

Kira is sitting in Odo’s office. She says it’s not nice to keep a friend waiting. He asks if they had an appointment. She wonders if they ever needed to stand on ceremony. She says she needs his help. She took care of the Valerians.

She explains that she locked down their docking clamps, and O’Brien will need a day to do something about it. Kira says she’ll be running the place if they’re not sent a more reasonable (controllable) commander from Starfleet, and then Odo can do what he needs to do and she won’t interfere.

Odo asks about the plan. Kira says she trusts him because he can’t be corrupted, but it’s a dangerous time and she can’t take any chances. She’ll be counting on him when the time comes. Then she leaves.

Odo asks the computer to open a channel to the Federation Command, but the computer replies that it cannot communicate with Federation territories, by authority of Kira. He asks for a channel to Bajor, but this is also unavailable thanks to O’Brien. He asks for the journal of the Klingon officer and has it scanned for an entry with mention of contact with an alien race.

He orders it played. The Klingon reports exploring a planet and finding it not worthy of a Klingon colony. All they found were some energy spheres with some kind of telepathic archive that described an ancient power struggle that destroyed a race called the Saltah’na. He says they will forward the story to their science division.

O’Brien is talking to Sisko, who is obsessing over something he built that kind of looks like a clock.


He thinks Kira will make an attempt on Sisko’s life.

Sisko says to arrest them all and get the names of all the sympathizers. O’Brien says this isn’t a good idea because there are more of them than us. He suggests leaving the station.

Sisko starts to yell and demand a phaser. He says he will shoot everyone, and he’ll never give up the station! O’Brien says they can’t do that, but they can leave, raise a force, and then return to destroy their enemies. This seems to placate Sisko. He sits down and resumes his work.

O’Brien says the Valerian captain will take them back to federation space. Sisko agrees, and tells him to call as soon as he’s ready.

Bashir is giving some sleep medication to a Bajoran when Odo enters.


He asks if Bashir has completed his autopsy of the Klingon, which he has.

Bashir advises Odo to take sides. Odo asks what he’s found out about the Klingon. Bashir jokes that he is still dead. Odo has no time for this. He pushes Bashir against the wall, and says his findings could determine who controls the station.


Now Bashir is interested. He says he found nothing very unusual. Some brain stuff was off. He shows this to Odo on a screen.

Yes, yes, I suppose that’s a brain…

Odo asks what causes that – could it be telepathy? The Klingons were studying telepathic archives. Bashir says if the archives were in a self-sustaining energy matrix, that would explain the changes in the Klingon’s brain. Odo asks if that would cause them to reenact the power struggle.

Bashir admits this is maybe possible, but is confused. Odo says he thinks the Klingon somehow brought the matrix with him, and everyone in Ops was affected except him, because he has no brain. Bashir says this is an interesting theory, but he is not behaving out of the ordinary.

Odo says what if they’re the only two not affected. This gives them an advantage. Odo says they need to figure out how to remove the field from everyone affected. Bashir points out they’d lose their advantage. Odo asks if he prefers someone blow up the station? Bashir sees the point.

Bashir talks some medical technobabble about how to interfere with the energy matrix, and Odo tells him to do it.


Sisko asks what’s taking so long. O’Brien says they’re working on it. A nameless Bajoran officer comes forward and says he thinks Sisko should see something. Sisko tells him to show it to O’Brien, but the guy insists. As he’s reading the pad, O’Brien sees that the Bajoran is raising a small sharp thing to Sisko’s neck, and he shouts out.


Sisko hits the guy in the stomach and then the shoulder, causing him to fall to the floor. Dax starts to call Kira, but O’Brien backhands her, shutting her up. Sisko keeps fighting with the Bajoran. He asks if Kira put him up to this. The guy says no. Sisko keeps punching him, chasing him around Ops.

He gets the guy up against the wall and says he wants the truth, then grabs the sharp thing that he was going to stick Sisko with and says “let’s see how this works.”

Kira arrives with some phasers and backup and shoots over his head. “Put it down…sir,” she says.


Sisko puts it down and steps away, and then, glances briefly at O’Brien, who pushes some buttons and beams them both out of there.

Kira rushes over, saying that Dax was supposed to deactivate the transporter. Dreamily, Dax says she forgot.


Sisko and O’Brien are in the corridors. Chief says that Kira must have put up a force field to stop them from beaming on to the Valerian ship, so they were rerouted. He says Odo is their only chance; he might be able to override the field. Sisko wonders if they can trust him, but Chief says he’s their only hope.

Sisko calls Odo and explains the situation. Odo gives him a path to take and says he’ll keep it open for them. Sisko takes off his comm badge and orders Chief to do the same, then says they’re not beaten yet.

Back in Ops, Dax is mystified by the fact they haven’t left the airlock and muses that they may have given up. Kira finally realizes that they’ve taken off their badges. Dax then reports that someone is taking out their force fields. Kira says whoever it is knows how to override their security fields.

She calls Odo and asks whose side he’s on. He says hers. She asks why he’s helping Sisko escape. Odo says she’ll find him trapped in Cargo Bay 4. Consider it a gift.

Bashir compliments Odo, and then explains his technobabble plan to drive the telepathic field out of everyone affected by using some sort of interference. After that, the field will remain suspended as long as the interference is in effect. Odo is pleased. They head out together.

In the Cargo Bay, Sisko and O’Brien find a sealed door. O’Brien tries to open it. He realizes Odo has locked it down with high security.

Kira appears with weaponry and backup.

Sisko says he’s disturbed by ingratitude. He offered leadership and kindness and she’s betrayed him. He says he understands history and his name will blaze across the skies. Kira says he won’t be around to see it.

Odo appears with Bashir and tells her to wait. He tells the computer to execute Odo 1. A loud screeching noise plays and everyone except Odo covers their ears in pain. Light comes out of their heads and then they’re okay again.


Odo tells everyone to grab something secure, then he opens the bay doors, sucking the air out of the room. This seems dangerous, but okay. The blob of light is ejected and then he shuts the door and things return to normal.

Welcome back everybody, he says.

Sisko updates his log to tell us the telepathic matrix went out into space and everyone and everything has returned to normal.

Kira enters his office and asks if he built the thing on his desk. He has no idea why he built it.

But he looks pretty proud of himself for doing it.

She says even though she wasn’t responsible, she wants to apologize for attempted mutiny. He says they’ll let it go this time. Sisko resumes looking at the weird clock shaped thing he built.


Stray Thoughts:

* Not a lot of interesting outfits in this one, sorry. Aside from the Valerian, whom we see only briefly on a tiny screen, and Quark, who was wearing his usual outfit, everyone is in uniforms.

* The story was interesting, but I wish they’d gone a little lighter on the eerie music to signal that something was wrong when Odo first wakes up in the infirmary. Bashir was laying on the conspiracy theory guy thick enough to let me know that something was Off.

* We never do get a conclusion about whether or not the Valerians are selling weapons to the Cardassians, but even if they are, I’m not sure why it matters. Surely the Cardassians can get or make weapons elsewhere if they want to attack Bajor again. Unless the Valerians entered into a treaty with Bajor that they’re violating, I’m not sure how they’re doing anything illegal or unethical. Sure, Kira can be pissed at them, but I’m not sure how it’s wrong, exactly.