The Weekly Music Discussion Thread Goes To A Gig

Let’s discuss any and all music here. You’ve got a new artist who’s rocking your boat that you want to talk about? Post a video! Found out about that unearthed Coltrane album that has the jazz freak in you losing your mind? Lay it out for us! Do you have a theory about what your favorite band might do for their next album? Let’s hear it! Anything and everything music-related goes here.

This week’s prompt: Gigs.

Your WMD Thread host got to see one of my long time idols, Lou Barlow,1this past Sunday. It was one of the more memorable shows I’ve seen. It was at a yoga studio2with an audience of maybe thirty folks. Lou played for about two and a half hours. He took requests, told stories, was an all around troubadour, and it was great. It had an MTV Storytellers vibe.

So what were some of your more memorable shows you’ve seen, or for you musos – shows you’ve played? What makes a good gig? What is your ideal type of venue, coliseum or dingy dive? Are there any bands you think are particularly good (or bad) live? Is there anyone you’ve seen more than once? How far have you travelled to see a show?

Or just gab about your latest find and the tunes that make ya swoon. And as always, rock out with yr guac out.