So You Think You Can Think Puzzle 20: By Names, By Nature

Y’know how there are a bunch of celebs and folks in the public eye who go by three names? It’s almost as though these people want to be seen as so important and elevated that they won’t let you slip by them without putting extra syllabic effort into talking about them, thinking about them, or reading about them.

Well, what if those people had a hidden agenda? An agenda hidden…in plain sight?? Something their very names could show us that slips by the everyday, non-intuitive, non-paranoid rest of society?

Today you’re going to identify ten public figures whose thrice-bedecked monickers tell you a little bit about their activities and drives, if you only change their middle name into an active, present-tense verb. For example, you’ll see this clue:

TV actress thinks fondly of a freighter that went missing in 1921

And the answer would be Jennifer Loves Hewitt (the SS Hewitt being the name of a ship that disappeared without a trace back in the ’20s…don’t worry, the rest of the clues shouldn’t be that obscure. There’s a reason I picked this for the example).

Good luck identifying these overly-decorated names!

  1. Oscar-winning actor forces playwright to get an apple in October
  2. Former child star delivers cheeky display at future delivery boy
  3. Another former child star bestows national honor upon newspaper magnate (or his son)
  4. Campy comedian puts wrestling hold on Spider Man clone
  5. Modern author serves as a parental figure to claymation hero
  6. Celebrated character actor wears pastry chef like a cloak
  7. Former teen heartthrob works over muffin man’s garb
  8. Sitcom second-banana stows Hawkeye somewhere you won’t find him
  9. Great, gone actor studies lots of Dustin’s work
  10. Preserved fruit gets the best of “silent” film character’s cohort


Previous Puzzle’s Solutions


  1. Akira Kurosawa
  2. Frank Capra
  3. Nora Ephron
  4. Sam Raimi
  5. Ana DuVernay
  6. Barbra Streisand
  7. Alfonso Cuaron
  8. Wes Anderson
  9. Ingmar Bergman
  10. Joel Coen/Ethan Coen