Best Video Game Tournament – Millennial Years – Finals

This is the finals for the Millennial Years generation of video games, covering games roughly between 2000-05 including the PS2, GameCube, Xbox, Dreamcast and GBA.

Please vote for one game in each pairing.

Here we are, down to the final two…

Half-Life 2

  • If you forgot what happened in the game, here’s a handy recap.
  • If there’s ever an alien invasion, don’t even bother with the army, just send a physicist with a crowbar.
  • Over ten years later, gamers are still traumatized by Ravenholm.
  • Features a fully-clothed woman with a personality, which is sadly still considered a major achievement.
  • Sorry, but there will never be a Half-Life 3, ever.

Katamari Damacy

  • Oh! I feel it! I feel the cosmos!
  • The weird artsy budget title that took the gaming world by storm before indie games made that a lot more commonplace.
  • One of gaming’s finest soundtracks, including Lonely Rolling Star, a personal favorite.
  • No matter how hard you try, you’ll never really earn the approval of your abusive, drunken father.
  • We Love Katamari was a big improvement, but everyone remembers this one because it was first.