The Monday Politics Thread Rambles for Two Hours

So, CPAC happened.  Trump went off the rails for two hours of his usual, unhinged schtick: everyone hates us, we’re awesome, why does everyone act so mean to me?  It isn’t even worth pointing out that he’s clearly lost his mind at this point.  Not to mention the fact that he still, in many ways, seems to not understand that being President is not like being a crappy actor.

Jeremy Corbyn was egged.  Sadly, it was only one.

Two police officers who shot Stephon Clark in his grandmother’s yard and killed him will not be charged with murder.  A protest in Sacramento shut down a mall.

And it’s a miracle of evolution: Rand Paul grew a spine to back the opposition to Trump’s national emergency.  As is normal, we expect it to regress and disappear over the coming week.

Over here, you’ll also find a new set of rules for the Politics Thread.