The Monday Politics Thread is Just Going Crazy

Venezuela, as we may all know now, is basically tearing itself apart over Maduro’s refusal to accept the reality that he really, truly sucks.  Lil’ Marco Rubio apparently thought tweeting a still from a snuff film was an acceptable response to Maduro’s military blockading the Simon Bolivar bridge and preventing outside aid from coming in.  The irony of doing this on a bridge named for the man who stepped down when the revolution was over and his dream for liberated South America was failing is hard to ignore.

Across the pond from the US, Netanyahu has decided that an alliance with a group that is apparently — according to our Avocados in country — the equivalent of “the fucking worst” is a great plan.  Indeed, Otzma looks to be absolutely terrible, so, you know, there’s that going on. (And as an aside, if you want to know more about the elections in Israel, Monty has written another post about it, so go check it out!)

Oh, and maybe the Mueller thing could be happening.

Welcome to Monday!