The Weekly Music Thread Is Live On Film

Let’s discuss any and all music here. You’ve got a new artist who’s rocking your boat that you want to talk about? Post a video! Found out about that unearthed Coltrane album that has the jazz freak in you losing your mind? Lay it out for us! Do you have a theory about what your favorite band might do for their next album? Let’s hear it! Anything and everything music-related goes here.

This week: Let’s talk about concert films.

What are your favorite concert films? Do you like it when they just show a band playing or do you like some behind the scenes material? There are a ton that I love. Stop Making Sense, Live At Pompeii, The Last Waltz, heck, even The Song Remains The Same. One of my favorite concert flicks is Urgh! A Music War. A mix of live performances from a wide variety of known and unknown artists active at the time of its filming, 1980. There’s no context or overarching theme. Just a brief flash of the band name and their location. It turned me on to a lot of acts I still love. And I wonder what happened to the rest of the performances the clips are excerpted from. Surely they didn’t set up cameras and sound recording just to film one song.

I also love Laurie Anderson’s Home of the Brave. I saw it in the theater when it cam out at a little art house cinema in Miami and it blew my mind. It’s a great introduction to Laurie’s whole “thing.” You can see it on youtube, but I recommend seeking out the laserdisc because it has yet to be released on dvd, and I don’t know if it ever will. You can find a downloadable copy if you google hard enough. But I’ll give you a hint. Find a blog called Dark Circle Room and search it for Laurie. The quality is amazing.

So, share with us the concert films you love, or roast the ones you hate. Or just tell everyone what you’re listening to currently, and as always, rock out with your guac out!