Werewolves 85: 191X – Signups

The year is 191X, pronounced “Nineteen Exteen.” The Great War has been raging on for a long, long time. Nobody is quite sure HOW long, but the general consensus is “enough.”

Ceaseless years of blood, turmoil, ray gun research, gas attacks, subterranean warfare, alien contact and food shortages have pushed the great powers of the world to their breaking point. Two dozen fronts are fought concurrently across the surface of the Earth, as well as above and below it. Horrible evils have been unchained. Everyone is very tired.

Those still alive and not permanently wounded by gas or shrapnel are being marshaled to what everyone is SURE will be the last battle. For real this time. The winners will decide the direction the world takes in the 1920s and beyond.


Players will be assigned to one of three fun,Β morally ambiguous forces:


The Entente Powers (Town)

  • 20+ players
    • 18+ infantry (vanilla town)
    • 1+ medic who’s seen too much
    • 1 intelligence agent (cop)

Welcome to the Fully Integrated First Irregulars (FIFI), a crack team of men, women, non-binary individuals, animals, sentient machines and alien beings who fight for FREEDOM, except the ones who fight for THE GOOD KIND OF MONARCHY. You will be expected to bring your own weapons and ammunition. Feel free to loot whoever you kill. Light deer poaching is allowed.

Proud members of the Entente include:

  • The United Kingdom
  • The United States
  • France
  • What’s left of Imperial Russia
  • The Lava People of the Earth’s Mantle
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • The Mermarians of Mu



The Central Powers (Wolves)

  • 5+ players
    • 4+ German spies (vanilla wolves)
    • 1 German officer (wolf roleblocker)

Germany is beset on by all sides, yet he remains π–šπ–“π–‡π–—π–”π–π–Šπ–“! Proud, virile spies have infiltrated FIFI and are prepared to sap it from within. π•―π–Šπ–šπ–™π–˜π–ˆπ–π–‘π–†π–“π–‰ reluctantly acknowledges the other Central Powers, which are pretty much only good for drawing the enemy’s fire. How dare you tire of π–‰π–Šπ–— π–π–—π–Žπ–Šπ–Œ!?

Wolves get one collective night kill per night.

War-weary members of the Central Powers include:

  • Germany
  • The Ottoman Empire
  • Bulgaria
  • The Magma People of the Earth’s Outer Core
  • Austria-Hungary
  • The High Priests of Iadolanth, the dark world beyond Pluto
  • Anti-Portugal


Austria-Hungary (Serial Killers)

1 or 2 players – 1 Austrian spy, + maybe 1 Hungarian spyΒ (details under “Mechanics,” below)

Honestly, Austria-Hungary shouldn’t have made it this far. This bizarre collection of nationalities, bound under two semi-independent countries united by a monarch, should have fallen apart in the revolutions of 1848. But it didn’t, and here we are.

Allied with the Central Powers, the Austrians are trying desperately to bail out of the war. After the shameful exposure of the Sixtus Affair, in which Austria-Hungary tried to cut a separate peace deal with the Entente, the Austro-Hungarian game plan has changed. Now, their goal is to undermine both sides and negotiate from a position of strength.


This is an intermediate-level game. Core gameplay is standard werewolves (votes, night actions) with the addition of a German prisoner-of-war camp and a prisoner-trading mechanic. This game will scale to accommodate the number of interested players. There is no upper limit, and additional features will be added depending on the number of interested players. My hope is to get every single person who ever played werewolves in here to fight World War I. Many of you will die immediately.

POW Camp and Prisoner Swapping

During the night, one or more players will randomly be captured by the NPC German forces you’re all fighting, and taken to Stalag 69, the POW camp. (Night actions will go through before the capture. If the person being captured is jailkept or targeted for death, I’ll rerun RNG to get someone else instead.)

Stalag 69 has its own QT. Prisoners sent there cannot comment in the main game (or other QTs) until they return. Upon being captured, prisoners will be told how many days they can stay alive there before succumbing to disease; this will randomly be 2 to 5 days. (Diseases include: Measles, Spanish Flu, Tuberculosis, Ennui, Trench Malaria, etc.) If you die in Stalag 69, it will be publicly announced. Stalag 69 has no direct communication with the main game, but returning players can relay information they learned there1.

Anyone can be captured, since you’re all members of FIFI or spies pretending to be. If you have a night action, it won’t work while you’re a prisoner.

The forces of FIFI will also capture Central Powers NPCs; this happens automatically overnight, and will be announced in the morning writeup. You will capture 1 or 2 enemy NPCs, but they will always capture 2 of you. During the day, you’ll have a special vote thread to decide who you want to trade. Trades are always 1:1. Beyond flavor text, NPC prisoners are functionally identical2. You will always trade as many prisoners as you have available, unless one of the top votes is “no trade.” In that case, you’ll save one prisoner for the next day.

The order of operations for this is: Prisoners are captured by both sides (night), town votes who to trade for (day), then the swap (twilight). The NPC prisoners in your charge won’t die of sickness, because healthcare in your miserable mudhole is much better than healthcare inΒ their miserable mudhole.

For LYLO purposes, the prisoners in Stalag 69 will be counted as part of the total.

If the number of unimprisoned players drops below one third of the original player count, a prison break in Stalag 69 will be orchestrated. Not all prisoners will be able to escape, and they will have to vote for who stays behind. Those who don’t escape will die, and there will be no more prisoner captures or trades.

Size of the Game

The base size of the game is 26 players: 20 town, 5 wolves, 1 SK. If we hit the following number of players, additional features will be added:

  • 28 players: A second SK (Hungarian Spy) will be added. The Austrian and Hungarian spies will be told each other’s identities, but will not share a QT. (This is because the Austrian spy is speaking German and the Hungarian spy is speaking Hungarian. Don’t think too hard about it.)3 Each will be given a distinctive weapon, so you can tell who killed whom in the writeups:
    • The Austrian Spy will have a Rast & Gasser M1898 service revolver. This is an 8-shot weapon where each shell casing has to be manually ejected with an integrated rod. There are tales of Austrian officers who used up all their shots in the first minutes of war and are still reloading. The Austrian Spy will start with the M1898 unloaded. Each night, they load one shot, and can then shoot as many people as there are currently shots in the cylinder, for a max of 8. Roleblocking or jailing the Austrian Spy will stop them from reloading, and cause them to waste as many shots as they choose to fire that night. They also cannot reload in Stalag 69.
    • The Hungarian Spy will have PontostΓ‘rgy, the Doom Sword (previously seen in WW74, The House of Wimbiscus). Each night, the Hungarian Spy can cut off one head. Also, PontostΓ‘rgy will mutter cryptic things to them in Hungarian.
  • 30 players: A sixth wolf will be added. The number of prisoners you capture at a time goes from 1-2 to 2-3; the enemy will now capture 3.
  • 32 players: A town-aligned vigilante (NCO) will be added. The NCO can call in an artillery strike on either your position or Stalag 69. A railway gun will fire and kill the target player in either location, with a 25% chance that they’ll also kill an unrelated bystander in the same location.
  • 34 players: A seventh wolf and a second town medic will be added. The medics will be given each other’s names but will not share a QT.
  • 36 players: A new daytime mechanic will be added – dueling. Everyone in this trench has a gun and is very irritable. If you and another player both agree to it, you will hold a duel. I will roll RNG as soon as the duel is confirmed. The losing player dies on the spot and has their identity revealed. Your odds are 50%. Limit one duel per day.
  • 38 players: An eighth wolf will be added. The number of prisoners both sides capture at a time goes from 2-3 to 3-4; the enemy will now capture 4.
  • 40 or more players: The max number of duels per day goes from 1 to 2. Duels cannot be simultaneous. One person can be in both duels, provided they survive the first one.

World War I was a meat grinder. The best way to recreate that feeling in werewolves is to have as many players as humanly possible, and then kill 10% of them each day. Those of you who survive will spend the 1920s drinking to forget. Have fun!


  1. Jake
  2. Boris
  3. Snugglewumps
  4. Mr. I’m My Own Grandfather
  5. April LKD
  6. The Hayes Code
  7. Mayelbridwen
  8. DW
  9. Josephus Brown
  10. Hohopossum
  11. Spookyfriend
  12. Owen1120
  13. E-Dog
  14. Louie Blue
  15. Sister Jude the Obscure
  16. Jon Hamm’s John Ham
  17. Mac Crocodile
  18. D. Goat
  19. Hegel Exercises
  20. Ult Warrior
  21. Donalbain
  22. Sic Humor
  23. Spiny Creature
  24. Dr. Nick
  25. BrittaBot
  26. Clodia
  27. Lamb Dance
  28. Annanomally
  29. Lord Stoneheart
  30. Shipwreck
  31. Lindsay
  32. Grumproro
  33. Flubba
  34. Otakunomike
  35. BannerThief
  36. Subsaharan
  37. Miss Rim
  38. Pearl Sheltie
  39. Zecko
  40. SisterMaryFrancis
  41. Smapti
  42. Pulprobot
  43. Ralph Waldo Wiggum
  44. Mr. Glitch


  1. A Winged Potato
  2. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts