I Will Sim You II

We had a lot of fun with this last time.

Want a Sims 4 avatar?


Same rules as before:

  1. Gimme a sleffo (ideal), a description, or give me permission to make your sim as what I picture you to look like. I will try to put you in the clothes you’re wearing in the picture, or a description of whatever you want to be wearing is also fine. Don’t be creepy or you get the Avocado Bear. I can’t change heights for adult sims so no point in telling me your height. I found out last time that sometimes it’s really hard to figure out what color people’s eyes are from their pictures, so if you’re like MY PAUL NEWMAN BABY BLUES ARE A CORE ELEMENT OF MY IDENTITY please specify what color your eyes are so that I don’t mess it up.
  2. I can also make a Sim version of your pet cat/dog/fox/raccoon. If you tell me what breed they are, that goes a long way towards getting them more accurate.
  3. I can also make you an alien or a vampire.
  4. I promise not to feed you to sharks/hit you with a meteor/set you on fire/make you eat bad sushi/give you hamster plague/etc., as your Sim will not be saved to my game.