I Will Sim You

Want me to make you into a Sims 4 Sim?

yours truly

Um, obviously yes! What do you need from me?

A selfie and a general description of the clothes you wear every day is ideal. I’ll probably try to put you in whatever clothes you’re wearing in your picture. Please do not post shirtless photos. If you post something weird, I’ll just make your Sim the Freaky Avocado Bear.

we don’t talk about the bear

But Mrs. Malcolm, I don’t like showing my face on the Internet!

I completely understand! Give me a brief description of what you look like – OR – you can also give me permission to make your Sim in the image of what I think you look like. If you’re at all concerned that I’m going to get your gender or skin color wrong, please include that because I don’t want anyone to be upset. And yes, I can make transgender Sims.

Can I be a vampire?


Can I be an alien?


Can you make my pet instead?

As long as that pet is a cat, dog, a raccoon, or a fox, yes. Same rules as above with regards to description.

You’re not gonna throw my Sim into a pool and delete the ladder, are you?

Unless you explicitly ask me to put you in the game, I’m not going to save anyone’s Sim for my own gameplay. This is just having some fun in the game’s Create A Sim stage.

Besides…there are so many more creative ways to get rid of a Sim these days.