The Day Thread of Sloth and Pandemonium

Today is a depressing day history-wise (Gandhi’s assassination, The Beatles’ last public performance, Dick Cheney’s birthday) so instead I am sharing some of my favourite bits of trivia: collective nouns for animal groups!

Delightful examples include

    • A shrewdness of apes
    • A sloth of bears (and yet,  a group of sloths is a bed)
    • A clowder of cats
      • (although a group of wild or feral cats is a “destruction”)
    • A skulk of foxes

      A clowder (or possibly a destruction)
    • A troubling of goldfish
    • An array of hedgehogs
    • A parliament of owls
    • A pandemonium of parrots
    • An unkindness of ravens
    • A crash of rhinoceros
    • a mutation of thrush
    • A zeal of zebras