The Comic Strip Club (Wed 1/30/2019) “Know your Plugger”

We all hate them.  They angry up the blood .  They take up space.  They vote against their own interest.  They are Pluggers.  Know thy enemy.  But how well do you know the foe?

“Pluggers” are defined as rural, blue collar workers who live a typical working-class American lifestyle, accompanied by a mentality  deficient characteristic.  They put the UGH in Pl-UGH-ers!

Let’s meet them

Andy Bear – a father of three , married to Shelia Roo.  He’s a complete dip shit and part of the problem.


Shelia Roo – An aerobics instructor from Australia and the wife of Andy Bear.  How the hell she made it to the US and puts up with  Andy’s shit  remains a tragic mystery


Earl Houndstooth –  A dog, married to Henrietta Beak.  Not much else to say, as he seems mostly harmless.  Mostly


Henrietta Beak – A hen, married to Earl Houndstooth  Again, why? I do believe she has a recurring drug problem.


Doreen  – Another dog, but not married Earl.  Not much is know about her, but she works at Costco with Henrietta.  Pluggers have to work in retirement age because they didn’t plan for the future.  Most likely caused by their blind faith in Reaganomics


Carl Rhinowski –  A rhinoceros construction worker. Shows up occasionally 


Whatever you level of hatred or ambivalence is towards Pluggers,  there is one thing we can all agree on

Dead Plugger