The Master of Horror’s Night Thread

January 16 marks the 70th birthday of horror maestro John Carpenter. He began his career with a series of short films, eventually leading up to his first feature length film Dark Star (a comedy parodying Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey) which saw him collaborating with future Alien screenwriter Dan O’Bannon. Within a couple years of that film he hit it big with Halloween, a film which would largely set the standard for slasher films for decades. Check out the slideshow below for a rundown of his long career of hits, cult classics (and occasional misses).

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Carpenter has become an avid video gamer as well as touring musician, performing many of his films soundtracks around the world and more than content to no longer be directing films. His participation in David Gordon Green’s sequel to Halloween as a producer and composer was his first film involvement in close to a decade. Here’s the revamped Halloween score he did for the film with the assistance of his son Cody and musician Daniel Davies (both of whom have shared a stage with him as part of his touring band).

Happy birthday to him, keep living your life!