Name That Band! (By That OTHER Band)

The game is simple slightly more complicated this time than JUST posting a few lines of lyrics to let others try to guess who performed the song!

Music – and art – is a conversation, and throughout the years artists have referenced prior artists, responded to them, riffed on them, outright filched lines from them. (Hip-hop, especially, is dense with snippets and snatches of earlier rhymes and metaphors, an ongoing web of allusions modified for current use.)

So what I’d like to do THIS time, is for players to post a lyric that is clearly responding to or referencing an earlier lyric or song by another artist – respondents need to name not only the artist who wrote the posted lyric, but the earlier artist those lines are responding to or referencing. Bonus points for explanation and context.

A basic example might be “A rebel without a clue” in Tom Petty’s “Into The Great Wide Open”, a line Petty outright stole from the Replacements’ “I’ll Be You.” Petty was a great admirer of that band and its songwriter Paul Westerberg, so much so that Petty took them on as tour openers in a somewhat-disastrous move that helped end the band.

So let’s try this twist, in addition to the standard Name That Band rules listed below.


NO CHEATING by using a search engine! This is only going to be fun if you use your own knowledge or best guess!
Don’t post an entire song! Just a few lines of lyrics!
Try to choose bands that are well-known enough to at least give us a chance.
Try to guess at others’ posts at least as much as you contribute your own!