What Did You Do This Weekend?

In high school a group of us would play Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition. This was before the Internet existed, so if you didn’t know how specialist wizards worked or how to calculate THAC0, then fuck you, figure it out.

(As amazing as it is to have a rectangle in your pocket that can give you all the information ever, I feel a certain amount of creative and social energy is lost when you don’t have easy access to an answer. Some of the fondest memories of my youth involve sitting around a friend’s boiling hot living room on a summer day endlessly arguing over how a troll’s regeneration actually worked.)


My friend Mike drifted away from gaming for a couple decades, but now that his kids are grown, he said he wanted to try and get the old group together again and attempt to DM a D&D 5th edition campaign. We joked at first about how we would never make it more than three sessions, but to our shock and amazement, it’s a year later and we’re still getting together once a month to roll dice and laugh like we did before we all got gray hair and middle age spread.

Mike has been an excellent DM, balancing flavorful role-playing with a meticulous understanding of the rules. Other than me and one other player, nobody in our group gives much of a shit about rules (I don’t know how many times I’ve explained how proficiency works, and really guys, it’s not that complicated) so we fuck things up all the time playing sub-optimally, but we’ve managed to brute force our way almost to the end of the Tomb of Annihilation campaign module (with four character deaths along the way).

As an empty nester, Mike has access to a ton of free time … and a 3D printer. He’s done a spectacular job of printing and painting his own modular dungeon pieces that allow him to create practically any setup he wants. I took these photos at this Saturday night’s session:


throne room

maze room

He even 3D printed, assembled, and painted his own dice tower, shown in the header image.

We will likely finish Tomb in 2-3 more sessions, and then Mike wants to take a break and just play for a while. I’ll take over as DM and run them through Curse of Strahd.

Oh, I also ate my own body weight in Doritos.

What did you do this weekend?