The Thursday Politics Thread Wants It NOW

Morning Politocadoes!

Another fine day in total chaos begins anew. The partial government shutdown continues unabated edging up to the three-week mark.  President Veruca Salt ‘stormed out’ of a meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer after being told ‘no’ to funding on his border wall. He presumably then began to sing.

  “I want a WALL. I want A GOLD WALL”

Witnesses say that it felt very staged. But this is core to his personality, it has roots in his profoundly privileged upbringing. Stuff like this is why we’ve been mocking the ‘pivot’ since the beginning. This is him Trump is Trump. While I do think this is probably a tactic he carried over from his time in Manhattan real estate, I assume if it ever did work it would be out of the bafflement and alarm of other actors involved.

In any case, he also had a meeting with Republican senators in an attempt to unify party position. It did not go well. Cracks are appearing in the Republican Wall. There are now four Republican senators publicly defecting from his stated position of opposing any Democratic House legislation. Trump then attempted to control the message by claiming the Republicans were unified in supporting the shutdown. And yeah…with 2020 on the horizon and the 2018 midterms behind us, you’d have to be crazy or a Koch-funded puppet to go over this cliff. Which one of those is Mitch McConnell?

Today, Trump will be visiting the border as a photo-op, By his own admission, he doesn’t really want to do it and it won’t help anything. The border, the wall, the related government shutdown, bizarrely, he’s stuck on this and he’s only losing more ground. But this appears to be the hill he’s going to die on.

Where’s Willy Wonka when you’ve got a bad egg?

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