The Escritoire: The Winds of Winter

Yes, after an unreasonably long hiatus, l’Escritoire is back! Partly because I missed it, and partly because I’m stuck on my book and am hoping for feedback. And I missed reading all of your stuff! So after that shameless, desperate plea, a few things about the thread:

—The Escritoire is for aspiring writers to post their work, so the community can give feedback. We generally post on Friday, so people can read over the weekend and post feedback on Monday, although in reality no one’s really beholden to that schedule. Post whenever! The favored format is a comment-only link to a Google doc, but if you’ve got a method you prefer, do whatever works for you.

—Sorry if I’m stepping on your toes, Subsaharan, who was kind enough to post this every week for a long stretch. I know from experience keeping a regular feature going on this site becomes a grind after a while. Very happy to hand the reins back over at any point. I was just bored at work today and thinking about my book and wanted to talk to all the writers out there.

—I use the Cookie Monster voice in comments, but not when I post articles. It’s weird for me too.