So You Think You Can Think, Puzzle 15: “Name Game”

Happy New Year, Avocaloids! We have a brief but tough puzzle today, so let’s just get a little bit of an intro going and hit the ground thinking.

As you know, the British do have at least one thing at which they’re superior: their TV game shows are unparalleled. Most of them are so deep within the spirit of competition, rather than big cash prizes or model-bestrewn automobiles, they play strictly for the title of champion. Bragging rights, yes, but bragging rights that will fail to get you laid.

The British quiz show I like most is one called Only Connect, where teams are given four seemingly unrelated clues, and must come up with the thing that connects all four. It’s clever and brief, but allows for unlimited possibilities in how creative the clues and connections can get. I’m going to be utilizing this structure for the eight questions below, but in each case the clues will consist of common first names. There may be a little bit along with those first names, which will help you to figure out a few of the clues. But in each case, you’ll still have to do some figuring. Answers can involve anything from pop-culture to common knowledge to lateral knowledge. So stay on your trivia-toes.


  • Sally
  • Jimmy
  • Dawn
  • Sue


  • James (6)
  • John, William (4)
  • George (3)
  • Andrew (2)


  • Florence
  • Diana
  • Mary
  • Barbara


  • Robert
  • Nanette
  • Lillian
  • Anastasia


  • Jon, Bill, Rick, and Steve
  • Keith, Greg, and (Carl/Cozy)
  • David・Jimmy
  • Paul and Art


  • Leonard
  • Adolph
  • Julius
  • Herbert


  • Anson: Warren
  • Henry: Arthur
  • Noriyuki: Mitsumo
  • Scott: Charles


  • Juliett
  • Romeo
  • Victor
  • Oscar

Last Edition’s Solutions:


  1. ABROGATE (a bro gate)
  2. ARROGATE (arrow gate)
  3. DELEGATE (deli gate)
  4. COLGATE (coal gate)
  5. ELONGATE (Elon gate)
  6. FRIGATE (Fri[day] gate)
  7. CASTIGATE (cast a gate)
  8. FUNGATE (fun gate)
  9. IRRIGATE (eerie gate)
  10. MITIGATE (MIDI gate)
  11. SUBJUGATE (sub Jew gate)