Werewolves 81: Pet Sematary- Chapter 7

The evening passed quietly in Lupinville; nothing of note occurred. Except Red Miller had finally stopped tripping balls and was feeling marginally better.
In the morning Jon woke up with a slight headache and a DVD copy of ‘Three Ninjas Kick Back’ that was covered in fishtank scum. The ectoplasmic footprints of an Apex Predator were disappearing right before Jon’s eyes.

1)Goat — (Not-so-Giant)Hogweed
2)Hayes — Klaus – GHOUL
3)InnDE — The Budweiser Frogs
4)sic — DWIGHT!!! – SHERIFF
5)Annanomally — Peter Porker — JAILERCHURCHILL
6)dw — Red Miller — SHERIFF
7)Lord Stoneheart — uh, John (Really JEB! but shhhhh) – SHERIFFMEDICAL EXAMINER
8)Captain Video – Bert the Turtle – GONE FISSION
9)Shinichiki — Intense Chicken – GHOUL
11)Mayelbridwen — A Bunch of Zombie Flies – GHOUL
12)Mac- Marty Stu MacCrocodile – GAGE
13)Louie — Eleanor Bunny — MAYOR
14)moonstermash — Taylor
15)Library Lass — Nightmares
16)Owen — Heat Miser
17)Nick — Mickey Mouse
18)Sister Jude — Manic Pixie Death Girl
19)Lindsay — Jon Arbuckle
20)Thoughts — Mrs. Frisby – GHOUL


MAYOR — Heads the Town Council. Has veto power on any decisions made.
SHERIFF — Has six kill shots.
JAILER — Can protect/block a player each night.
MEDICAL EXAMINER — Can cure a player each night.

None of these actions can be used on the same player on successive Nights.
The Town Council Members share a QT and were protected from Night actions on their first Night in office. THE TOWN COUNCIL IS NOW LOCKED IN. THERE WILL BE NO FURTHER CHANGES. ALL MEMBERS ARE OPEN TO NIGHT ACTIONS FROM HERE ON OUT.
Please clap, and please make at least three comments per Chapter. Due to the nature of our game we’re going to ask players to be fairly tight lipped post-Twilight and post-death. No editing of comments and absolutely no quoting, direct or otherwise, of QTs without Mods’ approval. This will seriously be frowned upon!
This is a game, and it gets intense at times, so please remember to attack arguments not people or play styles.

Twilight will be at 12pm PST/ 3pm EST 🙂 on1/10/19