Topsy Turvy Day Thread

 Once a year, we throw a party here online
Once a year, we turn The Avocado into a vine
Everyone has sex and has it with a clam
Once again it’s Topsy Turvy Day!

Yes, it’s the 6th of January, and if you’ve seen Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, you know that only means one thing…and that thing is you wondering why Frollo’s carriage has no windows in it. Seriously, though, the 6th of January means the Feast of Fools, so post silly stuff, shit post even more than you normally do, and try not to get too drunk.

Image result for topsy turvy hunchback

Interestingly enough, for the “Sing-Along” video for the song “Topsy Turvy” which coincided with the film’s theatrical release, Disney chose to “censor” some of the lyrics, removing the words “It’s the day the devil in us gets released, on the day we mock the pig and shock the priest.” Imagine what they would’ve done if the video had included the song “Hellfire”…

Have a Topsy Turvy Day, everyone! And by the way, Arthur Christmas got a PG rating and The Hunchback of Notre Dame didn’t. It’s a funny world we live in.