Go out or Cook at Home, Sunday Food Thread 1/6

We’re out of town for a few days visiting family and eating a lot of restaurant meals. It occurred to me last night to ask how much do you split your dining between going out and cooking at home. Anything counts as long as you think it does (this is an unscientific poll), if you want to consider a 7-11 burrito breakfast who am I to argue? We generally cook at home a lot, maybe go out for dinner once every two weeks and out cooked food ends up eaten pretty quickly. Since becoming empty-nesters we’ve found that the leftovers take longer to disappear so we’re working on changing up the size of the dishes we make, but haven’t found ourselves going out that much more. I would say that in general we go out for dinner when the leftovers are gone and we’re too tired/busy to prepare another meal, then it’s off to the local taqueria for a hearty meal. Going out for breakfast is usually done as a treat, and getting lunch out is mostly driven by utilitarian concerns.