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The Thursday Politics Thread Takes Over The House

Morning Politocadoes

Today’s the day that Congress begins functioning again! Yes, all of that work we put into throwing some bums out of office begins today. . Nancy Pelosi returns to the Speakership, Adam Schiff returns to head the House Intelligence Committee, Elijah Cummings to the Committe on Oversight and Reform. Ahhh subpoena power. I don’t expect a lot of things to happen on day one, but in the coming weeks we might finally see what the House can actually do to help and not hinder investigations.

Meanwhile! President Crime President held a meeting in the Situation Room with congressional leaders. The meeting amounted to nothing, he bragged and bloviated, people rolled their eyes, and Mitch McConnell suggested that they wouldn’t pass anything the House passes. Which would include the bill they agreed on prior to the holidays. Fun!

Crime President then also began repeating Russian propaganda lines about the Russian Afghan war to justify withdrawing from Syria and Afghanistan. Claims included that the USSR went into Afghanistan because of terrorism and and the Afghan Invasion bankrupting the Soviet Union. Also he said they had a right to be there.

Is he stupid? Is he a stooge? It can be two things! Trump’s bizarre history lesson on the Soviet Union, Russia and Afghanistan

Finally, of course, we must turn to our dear Mittens. Mittens “Mitt” Romney, a newly minted Senator from Utah. The former governor, business executive, and Presidential candidate had some sharp words for the Bad Man What Sits In The Oval Office.  Mitten’s op-ed in the Post has been hailed as an assertion of his independence. Never-Trumpers have lauded this as a key moment where an establishment GOP senator has said what everyone is thinking. The left, of course, just sees another Flake, another guy making sound and fury signifying precisely nothing.

Romney asserts his independence from Trump — and Trump’s defenders return his searing criticism of the president

Jonathan Capehart probably has the correct take here. Romney’s a traditional Republican. He’d likely vote for a (mostly) normal Republican for a judiciary appointment or a cabinet appointment. His op-ed likely prefiguring moments of destiny like with McCain where the spotlight’s on him and he wants to wreck something Good Brain wants. He’s still a Republican.

Welcome To Thursday! Please be excellent to each other. The Mayor McSquirrel Rule is in effect because we’re better than him. Alert a mod if any news item is getting too clammy so it can be pinned to the top of the thread.