Hallmark Christmas: A Midnight Kiss Recap/Review

Happy New Year and happy end to the Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas! A Midnight Kiss is your reward for sticking with me through this endeavor which technically began in October. This film isn’t really Christmassy, but it’s fitting for the time period of this writing. Off we go!

With only one week to prepare, Mia Pearson and her family of party planners are given the biggest job in their company’s history: a New Year’s Eve party for tech entrepreneur Megan Clark. But when her brother breaks his leg and her parents head off on a planned vacation, Mia must reluctantly enlist the help of her brother’s visiting college buddy, David Campos, to help her pull off the epopoooopoent which just so happens to fall on her favorite day of the year. But what Mia didn’t plan on was falling in love in the process. Starring Carlos PenaVega and Adelaide Kane.

Christmas is in full swing at the start of this film. Our Hallmark heroine, Mia, is being thanked by her guests for the party she’s thrown. You know the “big event” that happens at the end of most Hallmark Christmas films? We’re in the middle of one, so it’s funny to see it start off a film. Mia is part of an event planner family business, and this is the logo I think.

Terrible. Just terrible.

This is the last party the mom and dad will be coordinating because they’re retiring. They discuss this as well as their New Year’s Eve plans. Mom and dad are off to Florida and Jake will be with his family. Mia has no plans.

The next day, Mia arrives at her brother’s house which appears to be empty. She hears some noise and is put on high alert. She grabs the nearest golf club and almost knocks a guy out with it as he steps out of the bathroom. I would be upset if someone tried to hit me with sports equipment after I finished peeing. The man claims he’s her brother’s old college friend, David. Thankfully, the brother Jake arrives home to vouch for him.

David is going to spend Christmas with Jake’s family instead of his own due to some work-related opportunity in town. Bit of a weird thing to do.

Mia and her mother go Christmas shopping. They talk about Christmas and New Year plans. Mia mentions David to her mother which makes the mom point out his attractiveness. Mia receives an urgent call from Jake. He tells her that Kate Clark, fashion millionaire extraordinaire, wants to meet with them asap about a party. Since mom and dad are retiring, this could really help the brother sister duo fly on their own.

Kate’s initiates the meeting by saying she lied on the phone. There is no event in late January and she wasn’t flying out that night (this was the reason she gave for having an asap meeting). Basically, she didn’t want to scare them off with her true request: a New Year’s party. Her original party planner backed out. This is total madness. Kate is a famous millionaire. I suspect she can ask any party planner and they would jump at the chance. Why the lying? This is some straight up weird business tactic. She’s also going to pay them double. If you saw the last party they did, you can see she’s desperate. Jake and Mia say that they’ll do the party despite the deceit and short time frame.

Maybe she’s a compulsive liar? I can’t wrap my head around this.

At Jake’s, couch crasher David is missing his family. He’s spending Christmas with a bunch of white people (David is of Latin descent). He’s taking it all in stride. Mia seems a little weirded out with having this guy here for Christmas. I suppose Jake just inviting David for Christmas without asking the family might be a little presumptuous, but David’s arrival was too, so it’s keeping in line with a theme.

Mia invites David outside for cocoa by a fire. She asks him questions in a very stilted manner. That’s more of the actress’s fault than Mia’s. David drops some key facts: he’s a documentarian and single. Mia really likes cameras, but as she got involved with the family business, that interest fell by the wayside. Jake calls them in to peel potatoes.

They have a Christmas dinner where mom and dad regale their adult children with the tale of how they met on New Year’s Eve.

“I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar…” Seriously, though. She said she was working as a waitress at a club.

Mia tells her mom that they’re going to take the millionaire’s party. Mom is really worried because there’s only a week to make it come together, but Mia is unfazed. As long as there are no mishaps, it’ll be ok.

Jake breaks his leg.

Womp womp

Mia and Jake still want to go through with the party planning. Mia suggests that they just need to hire a replacement, but Jake says that in order to go through with it, “we need someone we can trust now. Like today!” Cue David walking in with some groceries. So apparently, they’re going to hire a documentarian, someone with no real background in party planning, to handle a millionaire’s major event that could make or break their business.

Ok, sure.

Off Mia and David go to round up the people needed to make this party happen. The highly amateur party planner rattles off the reasons why this endeavor will be difficult and wonders why Mia and Jake are even bothering. Mia is optimistic.

They visit Kate’s house which will be the venue for her party. Kate sees David from afar and calls him cute. This is weird. Since two people have called him cute, Mia is now slightly interested. As they make party decisions, David butts in with his own suggestions. This irks Mia, the professional party planner.

David and Mia meet the next morning to do some more planning.

I find this marker board highly impractical.

They visit the possible caterer. David likes the food but has some of his own thoughts and takes her to a Chinese food place. They talk about themselves instead of organizing a meal. David hardcore flirts with Mia. The Chinese food place doesn’t cater so it was a waste of time.

The next major step is to find the flowers. David knows flowers somehow so together they make the perfect haphazard arrangement. They then move on to picking the party band. This millionaire should be able to get a good band, but whatever. Mia and David aren’t thrilled with the two options, but since Kate is visiting them in a few minutes, they need to pick something. In a stupid turn, a woman just starts singing in front of the microphone and a band soon joins. David invites Mia to dance.

This is the falling in love moment. We’re halfway through the film so we’re keeping on track.

They pick this band. Mia excuses herself to sign the band when Kate agrees. Kate chats with David and tells him that he should totally go for Mia. Because Kate is sort of handsy with David, it sets up the opportunity for Mia to think they might be a “thing.” But this is actually never addressed again. A fake-out.

Back at the party planning office, David makes Mia a meal. He then asks her if she would take an opportunity to get into filmmaking. He works on convincing her to quit the party planning crap.

Kate meets with the party planners to drop an additional request for video taping the whole thing. We then get a montage of prepping the venue. The music isn’t Christmassy which sort of threw me off after having watched so many of these films. Once they finish, Mia and David do some much-needed bonding for this film.

Is it ok to kick back with a beer at the client’s house?

It’s the day of the party, and David and Mia pretty much have everything wrapped. They basically give themselves a pat on the back for great work. Unfortunately, when the arrive at Kate’s, the dude that was meant to get the fireworks permits didn’t do his job. Kate has a meltdown. Mia pulls Kate aside and tells her to “calm down and stop making everyone crazy.” Whew, those are some words. Kate accepts.

Mia takes this flub into her own hands and heads to the mayor’s house. She asks for his help on getting the permit. He doesn’t budge. After seeing some pictures of African kids, David pointlessly says that he worked there, too. Mia then says that he should approve the permit to keep the millionaire happy in an election year. The mayor agrees.

More issues: Kate wants an hour more of food services which they hadn’t prepared for. They call the Chinese restaurant from earlier to help. Mia has an accident with her dress. Kate lets her borrow a matronly dress and tells her to go for it with David.

Is it a soup? Is it a curry? Whatever it is, I didn’t realize that those are generally canapes at a New Year’s Eve party.

The dress is solved, but there’s another problem: the Chinese restaurant can’t deliver the food. Mia realizes that Jake’s wife could do it. Crisis averted. But not really because the lights go out. The party planners overloaded the electricity system. That seems like an amateurish mistake, but what do I know? Mia finds the switch which solves the problem pretty handily. These contrived issues are so pointless.

The guests arrive in their Teslas. Mia’s family surprises her by popping out of the back of a van. They help with the low number of waiters at the party.

This must have been an uncomfortable ride.

Everything has gone swimmingly. Jake is delighted. Mia quits. David sees Mia and tells her that he’s willing to follow her wherever she goes. Insanity. He’s been with her a week. She isn’t put off by this. She intends to follow her dreams. The party counts down to one. They kiss. FIN.

He’s insane. This is an insane comment to make.
Actually, everyone kisses.

Sometimes the Mia actress could be stilted, but there were also a lot of times where she seemed quite natural. The David actor is built for these. He’s actually kind of charming and cheesy, so he’s right at home in these films. I was initially onboard with David, but the last minute “I will follow you” line really just soured the whole thing. It was not normal.

And that’s it, folks! The last of the Hallmark 2018 films. I want to thank you all for joining. I’ve never had to watch Hallmark in-depth so I’m not sure what the long-term consequences will be for me. I’m willing to do more writing, but have no idea what of, so I’m open to suggestions!


  • I’m pretty sure I saw this poster, A Thief’s Winter, in another one of these Hallmark films.

  • This is the case in all the Hallmark films, but I’m still always astounded by the houses that they live in. Mia has a massive place for herself. This party business must bring in some crazy cash.
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