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The Thursday Politics Thread Compromises Operational Security

Morning politocadoes!

Well, two years in, and it would appear that President Bad President has finally been shamed into visiting the troops. Yes, Trump and Melanie visited troops in Iraq and in Germany over the holidays. Between the shutdown he caused, attempting to make a child lose faith in Santa, and giving General Mattis the bum’s rush because Dumb-Dumb didn’t know Mad Dog read him the riot act in his letter of resignation, it was the very least he could do.

Shame he couldn’t even do that properly.

Trump left Washington on Air Force One in secret raising concerns over operational security. Only problem of course was literally everyone seemed to be aware of it. The press pool unstaffed, his guard detail in the White House for when he’s there was gone, And then social media users from Britain to Germany were successfully able to track Air Force One. But don’t worry, the strategies employed to prevent anyone from tracking him involved flying in  “darkened plane with all windows closed, with no light anywhere; pitch black.” And then there’s the pictures.

Trump’s Iraq visit prompts concern over operational security

See, taking a picture is fun. We all do it all the time. It’s even fun to do it when you’ve been deployed to a war zone. Presidents often take pictures with the troops to bolster their confidence and raise their spirits, since well, lives are on the line. But sometimes this isn’t a smart idea. Sometimes you visit Special Operations forces and maybe you don’t want to reveal their exact location or their faces on social media? Did he do that? Yeah, he kinda did that.


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