Werewolves 80 — Die Hard with a Werewolf — Day Two — “You asked for a Christmas miracle: I give you the F.B.I.”

♪ ♫ Hans is smirking as he opens fire,
John McClane killing all his foes;
But the hostages don’t care, they just keep getting higher–
Drunken messes dressed up in 80s clothes ♫ ♪

Tom McShane was not a very good actor. He was a cheap knockoff who starred in low budget films meant to confuse senile old people who had no idea about the silly Transchangers or Iron Guy or National Secret movies their grandkids liked.

As the terrorists closed in on him (“He looks vaguely familiar, and he claims to have saved another group of hostages in a similar-but-distinct-enough-to-not-infringe-upon-copyrights situation! Could be our guy”), he begged for his life.

“Please, I’m only an actor! And a bad one at that!”

“Nice try, Roy Rogers.” And Hans Gruber painted the walls with his brain matter.

sic // Tom McShane has died. He was a hostage (vanilla town).

Spooked by the evening’s events, John McClane had an itchy trigger finger. As he snuck through one of the lower, unfinished floors, he heard a stranger slinking around the darkened corners. The figure was making a lot of noise… maybe on the terrorists was looking for something? He took a shot in the dark and hit center mass.

“Eeeeeee! Ooooh I always figured this job was gonna kill me,” Selena, the overworked secretary whimpered. “I was at least hoping it would be the cocaine that took me out.”

Clodia // Selena the Secretary has died. She was a hostage (vanilla town).

The radio cackled and cut across the airwaves. “This is Sergeant Al Powell. Roy, good luck up there, but it looks like things are getting pretty messy. I gotta say, we got some guys down here who don’t know if I should trust you.

“Anyways, I took a look into that Kate Berenger, the one who claims to be bad luck around Christmastime. And let me tell you, she is bad news. Our reports are that she was at the scene during a mysterious event in Kingston Falls that she claims was the result of mischievous monsters. Ha, I been around the block enough to know a lie when I see one. It looks like she could be associated with the terrorists.”

Jake // Kate Berenger was investigated and the result is WOLF.



4 terrorists:

Hans Gruber – An exceptional thief, and the leader of the wolves. Disguises himself as ordinary businessman Bill Clay if the cop runs into him. (Wolf Godfather – He reads as town when investigated.)

Two vanilla terrorists – Ruthless professionals who are helping Hans in his plot to steal $600M.

Harry Ellis – The wolves’ white knight, bubby. They don’t know it yet, but he’s exactly the help they need to get this job done. (Town Traitor – He knows who the wolves are, but they do not know his identity. He does not share the wolf QT. He reads as town when investigated. He can be potentially night killed by the wolves.)

12 8 hostages:

John McClane – The fly in the ointment. The monkey in the wrench. The pain in the ass. (Town Vigilante – He has unlimited night kills, maximum one per night. Until he uses a shot, he reads as wolf. Otherwise, he reads as wolf if he most recently shot town, or town if he most recently shot a wolf. His kill occurs prior to the investigation.)

Holly Gennaro – The de facto leader of the hostages, after Hans shot her boss. Each night she’s allowed to escort another player to the bathroom to protect them from harm. (Town Jailer – She jails one player each night; the target is role blocked and target blocked from all other actions.)

Sergeant Al Powell – A veteran on the force, only stuck in this situation because of some bad luck. But at least he can read between the lines. He communicates via radio with the rest of the hostages and villains, so whatever he finds out he has to share on the party line. (Town Cop – Chooses one player each night to investigate. His investigation results are broadcast to the entire town during the daily write-up.)

FBI Agent Johnson – Authorized by the United States FUCKING Government to find these terrorists by any means necessary. (Town Lover – He, along with the other Agent Johnson, share a QT. However, if one dies, the other dies.)

FBI Agent Johnson – No, the other one. (Town Lover – He, along with the other Agent Johnson, share a QT. However, if one dies, the other dies.)

7 5 vanilla hostages – Terrified and hysterical, they still outnumber the terrorists and therefore may be of some assistance.

Additional rules:

  • Killed players will be roleclaimed.
  • At twilight, the player with the most votes will be day killed. Ties will result in NO KILL.
  • DO NOT EDIT POSTS! DO NOT QUOTE DIRECTLY FROM YOUR QT! Doing so may get you modkilled and end up hurting your team and the game overall.
  • Feel free to ask any questions in your personal QT or on the game thread.
  • Attack arguments, not people. Everyone has a different play-style. Be accommodating to them.


1. Hols
2. Clodia
3. sic
4. Marinero (Feliz Navydad)
5. Hayes
6. Flubba
7. Hoho
8. Creeper
9. Miss Rim
10. dw
11. Jude
12. Candide
13. Stoneheart
14. Sub
15. Jake
16. Shinichiki



Have a Happy Christmas! And happy holidays to everyone!