This Wednesday Political Thread, “My Kingdom For A Chief Of Staff”

Trump is searching the kingdom for a “mini me”

Applicants must have the following qualifications:

  • Must look like Trump thinks he looks
  • Must be shorter than Trump
  • Must have smaller hands than Trump
  • Must agree that “smoking” is spelled “smocking”
  • Must be willing to take loyalty oath
  • If Special Prosecutor demands interview, you must not show under any circumstances
  • Must be willing to be tweeted about in any context
  • Must kill any flies in the West Wing
  • Termination may occur at any time and notification may come from any communication medium

Job Perks:

  • US treasury
  • Free Night Stay in Trump Moscow and Trump Saudi
  • Free Rides on Air Force One
  • Allowed to fire people in the situation room
  • McDonald’s
  • Sunless Tanner
  • Salary may or may not come from small donors

Must apply via tweet, resume not needed but head shot REQUIRED

NO Experience Needed!!!

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  4. No One Wants to Be Trump’s Chief of Staff Because the Job Sucks