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The Triumphant Weekly History Thread

Welcome to this week’s History Thread! As usual there won’t be a set discussion topic this week, though I might try and come up with new ones for future threads.

Today’s picture: On December 11, 1917 British forces commanded by General Edmund H.H. Allenby entered Jerusalem. Allenby, who had replaced the hapless Archibald Murray as commander of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force a few months earlier, received orders to capture the Holy City by Christmas, more as a propaganda coup than from any strategic necessity. He defeated the Turks at Beersheba and Third Gaza in October, then slowly fought his way up the Levant until Turkish authorities abandoned the city without a struggle. Allenby decided to enter on foot in a deliberate rebuke to Kaiser Wilhelm’s horseback procession through the city several decades earlier, to support his pose of being a liberator rather than a conqueror. Well, the British ruled the Holy Land for the next thirty years and greatly exacerbated Arab-Jewish tensions in the region, so you be the judge.