Share Your Yuletide Decor!

Another year, another great holiday tradition… spending way too much on Christmas decor. I tend to spend my days window shopping Hallmark Keepsakes and Lionel collectible cars before finally convincing myself that both are too expensive. Eventually I bargain with myself that the Lemax Christmas village you get from Sears is just as good as the expensive Department 56 miniatures they have for sale at the seasonal section of the nursery.

Of course… I have no such reservations when it comes to hanging up Christmas lights, the surefire way to rub it in your neighbors’ faces that indeed you possess the most Holiday Spirit on the street!

Ornaments are another wonderful collectible, mainly because it points to our married life. There are ornaments on the tree given by my wife’s students, some commemorating our wedding, a couple about our new house, souvenirs from our travels abroad, and a brand new one commemorating the birth of our niece.

And sometimes it’s just Hallmark Keepsakes I got on sale, like Scrooge from Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

Of course, we all decorate for the holidays in our own way. It always feels good for other people to see the results of your hard work, though, whether it be shivering in the dark as you string up the lights or selecting the best color pattern for the ornaments on your tree. Share your hard earned efforts here!

Shown in the header: my budget Lenax Christmas village, with pieces acquired my wife and myself in a span of over a decade, with twinkling lights (purchased at Target) under the cotton batting.