Box Office: November 30 – December 2

It’s box office weekend 2.0 as the latest rankings largely mirror what we had seen the week before in terms of placement, just with a new film in the mix with The Possession of Hannah Grace. That was the only new film of note and it landed in 7th with a $6.5 million take as Sony tried some counterprogramming with a little horror in the middle of the holiday season. With it showing in 2,000 screens and getting a “C-” CinemaScore, it’s not going to last long at all and won’t be adding much from the overseas either. It was largely split in gender and focused on the 25 and older crowd. On the plus side? It had a budget of just $9.5 million so it wasn’t a bad risk.

Ralph Breaks The Internet takes the top spot with a $25.7 million take and $119 after twelve days, which is the same as what Moana did a couple of years back. Add in another $87 million from overseas so far and it’s sitting pretty at $207 million since debuting.

Universal took a chance in booking The Grinch early and it’s paying off well so far with another $17.7 million this weekend to bring it to $203 million – and still 23 days until Christmas. While Illumination gets grief from a number of vocal movie fans, the truth is that they know what they’re doing for the most part. This marks the 8th out of 9 release to top $200 million domestically.

Both Creed II and Crimes of Grindelwald landed over the $10 million mark and added some decent coin to their numbers but it continues to be rough for Grindlewald. It’s doing far better overseas as expected where it’s netted $385 million for a worldwide take of $520 million. Which isn’t good compared to the first film but it’ll be interesting to see what Warner Bros. does to adjust for the next installment since it’s planned for five films.

And it continues to be worth noting how well Bohemian Rhapsody is doing. Adding another $8.1 million this weekend, it’s up to $164.4 million domestically but has another $375 million overseas for a $539 million total. With a $52 million budget and a lot of controversy prior to the film opening about what wouldn’t be in it (which largely proved unfounded), it’s doing really good numbers out there.

As noted last week, there’s little on the release lists until December 14th for new films. This coming week has some very limited showings for Academy Award considerations but the debut of Mary Queen of Scots has us excited for a wider release. Also of note, Universal is doing a limited re-release of Schindler’s List in 1,000 screens.

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