Titans: S01E08 “Donna Troy”

With the followers of Rachel’s father seemingly all killed in an asylum explosion, and Rachel reunited with her long lost mother, the team finds itself in a position of relative safety. With the major threat gone, is it even a team anymore? Dick doesn’t think so. He breaks off from the group to find himself, while the rest head to Ohio with Rachel and her mother hoping to make a home of sorts in the family house.

Dick catches up with an old friend, Wonder Woman’s former protege Donna Troy (often known in the comics as Wonder Girl or Troia), now working as a photographer based in Chicago. They’ve known each other from their sidekick days and they immediately fall back into the brother and older, smarter, prettier sister dynamic. She’s adjusted far better to former the former kid-sidekick life so far, and tries to impart some advice to Dick. After he lays down some Robin-style ass whooping on a group of poachers she was trying to infiltrate with investigative journalism/photography, it’s apparent that they both maintain the commitment to getting the criminal element off the streets, but her way is now far less “costumes and punching.”

The rest of the group takes a train to Ohio. Rachel and her mother have seats toward the front where they take the time to reconnect. Gar and Kory are back in the bar. Kory does some shots and gets recognized by a U.S. marshal as the woman wanted for beating up some cops at a crime scene. Kory blows a hole in a train car and the group makes their escape.

Meanwhile, Donna has stumbled across the photographs on Dick’s phone of the untraslatable writings from the walls of Kory’s former homebase. She recognizes it from her studies on Themyscira as an offshoot of ancient Sumerian. There are a couple of possible translations, but if she’s reading it right, it’s Kory – or “Starfire’s” – mission statement, and Starfire’s mission is to kill Rachel (“The Raven”).

While Dick and Donna are racing to Ohio with this troubling news, Rachel has convinced Kory to let her try her healing powers on her to unlock her blocked memories. There’s no effect at first, but then suddenly something comes back to Kory in a rush, her eyes glow green, and she reaches forward to strangle Rachel! Ahhh! Tune in next time! Same Bat-time…..

Stray observations:

  • This Wonder Girl is great. Is this Donna Troy’s first live-action interpretation? Wonderful.
  • Themyscira is mentioned as a place of wisdom that greatly values the study of all languages. Very much in keeping with the emphasis on that side of their culture in the beloved Wonder Woman film.
  • Overall, I’m liking the approach of not trying to be “in-continuity” with the DC film universe, but also avoiding major contradictions by keeping all that Justice League stuff very much in the periphery. If you were familiar with DC mainly through the movies, you could jump into the DC Universe Originals universe without a lot of cognitive dissonance.
  • Looks like we’re finally getting a Starfire with her memories intact. At the beginning of the episode she mentions to Dick that not knowing who she is is really getting old. We hear you, Kory.
  • Gar seems pretty tipsy off one drink of liquor on the train. Is Gar me?
  • I’m really glad I’m sticking with this show, because despite the missteps – and there are missteps – there are also moments of “Yes, this is absolutely perfect.” And for me the bits that don’t work – the over-the-top violence and cursing – are nothing the show can’t recover from.
  • I wasn’t sure if Kory wore sparkly, gold blush and eye makeup, but in this episode she wakes up with that golden glow already on her face, so I’m now thinking that is supposed to be her everyday complexion. I like sparkly Starfire. I’ll like it a lot better when she stops trying to kill Rachel, though.
  • “I wonder what the Penguin is up to now.”

Next week: With all of us on the edge of our seats wondering what’s going to happen with this “Starfire tries to kill Raven” cliffhanger, it’s a Hawk and Dove episode!