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The Thursday Politics Thread Colludes With A Convicted Felon!

Morning Politocadoes!

So, Paul Manafort, lover of crimes and ostrich sports jackets, is in jail. Yes, he’s in jail for crimes. Jail is a place reserved for crime-doers meant to prevent them from doing more crimes. Paul, of course, loves doing crimes so this is particularly unconscionable. It’s all the more galling for him, he who used Bond007 as his password on his computers, since the Special Counsel appears to have him dead to rights. But what is a Manafort to do? Why, be a SPY for Trump.

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That’s right, Paulie entered into a plea deal with the Special Counsel to be his eyes and ears for Trump and his legal team. The only thing is, when you’re a spy, you’re supposed to be secret about it. Giuliani acknowledged the arrangement in public.

Now, these are all crooks, thieves, and traitors. We know this. What’s amazing here is how stunningly dumb this all is. This was an iron-clad plea agreement where the moment he signed,”he ceased to have a common interest with other defendants, including the president, as a matter of law” As Harry Litman goes on to point out in his article at the Post, Mueller is well within his rights to subpoena not only Manafort but also his lawyer John Downing, and whichever chucklefuck on Trump’s legal team that ok’ed this. It’s also another in the long list of obstruction of justice and witness tampering charges for Trump.

The stunning implications of the Manafort-Trump pipeline

Given how shady Manafort is and how he had already been caught trying to tamper with the investigation while in jail, I doubt none of this is surprising to Mueller. The fact that he extended Manafort’s sentencing until after he got the President’s answers (that he wrote himself!) might be indicative of that. Mueller’s a pro, these guys are the Bluths and Barry Zuckerkorn. The next piece of advice to come out of Giuliani’s mouth will be:


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