This Wednesday Political Thread Is Open for Business

Let’s Run Down the batshit stories for today:

  1.  Does it surprise anyone that in addition to data compromises, white supremacy site issues, and democracy thwarting that Facebook also has diversity issues.  True Story:  I have never seen a single person in any leadership position at Facebook that was a minority.  I am not saying they don’t have them just that I have never seen one. Click here to read about it:   Former Facebook employee says the company has ‘a black people problem’
  2. The number of new HIV diagnoses in the region continued to rise in 2017, but the pace of the increase is slowing, according to the report from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control and the WHO Regional Office for Europe. Still, nearly 160,000 people were newly diagnosed with the disease in the region in 2017. More than 130,000 of those diagnoses were in Europe’s eastern region, the most ever reported there. HIV diagnoses at all-time high in Eastern Europe
  3. Because they don’t have any other real competition and people don’t want to leave their houses…also Target never has anything in stock and their prices are too high, click here: Why Amazon could win the battle for holiday toy sales
  4. Sure there is, both lied initially about knowing they weren’t supposed to use it.  If I were Ivanka,  I would just be quiet and hope this story goes away, Click here to read this craziness:  Ivanka Trump says ‘no equivalency’ between her email use and Clinton’s
  5. Dogs are better in bed, I think we all knew this…Study Suggests Women Sleep More Soundly Next to Dogs Than Human Partners
  6. Johnson and Johnson are like the Facebook of medical sales…they don’t care about you Johnson & Johnson Sold a Vaginal Mesh Implant Despite Health Warnings, Without FDA Approval
  7. Please let this troupe die…Please I beg of you…honestly men don’t understand women because they have women relations, work with women or are married to women…just settle for being in the dark and like own it Adam Levine Is Another Man Who Understands Women Because He Has Daughters