Nothing Can Stop the Smooze Night Thread

Maybe you’ve seen My Little Pony: The Movie. No, not that one. No, I’m talking about the surreal 1986 film, the one in which the ponies had to battle a tidal wave of negativity simply called “The Smooze.”

“The Smooze” looked something like Cookie Monster’s splooge, a googly-eyed monstrosity that tried to take over Ponyland (not “Ponyville”) under the command of a trip of batty witches. In the end, “The Smooze” is taken down by the can of asswhoopin’ known as Flutterponies, who promptly dispose of it (after hiding away from society for years) with the power of their winds.

Smooze would eventually show up on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, when Discord used it for reasons which were very Discord in nature. Also, “The Smooze” had its own theme song…

Have a good night, everyone! And if The Smooze gets you, well, nothing can stop it.