To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S01E01&02: “The Emissary”

Hi there, and welcome to the first of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Fashionable Recaps.

There’s a Tumblr site out there called Fashion it So, dedicated to the fashions of Star Trek: The Next Generation. (Here’s the link: I find it incredibly interesting and amusing, but I really wish they’d get around to doing Deep Space Nine, which I don’t think they’re going to get around to doing any time soon.

That’s where I come in!

I don’t have any background in fashion, other than watching some early episodes of Project Runway, so there aren’t going to be a lot of technical terms in this series. I also don’t want to do an in-depth plot recap, although I am going to obviously mention that, and you’re free to discuss the plot and any issues about it in the comments! I’m open to feedback about what you guys want to see in these, and what you think I shouldn’t even mention. The original blog that is my inspiration only very lightly touched on plot, and while I’d like to go into slightly more detail than that, I also don’t want to spend a lot of time typing up technobabble when we could be talking about Quark’s new suit.

All that said, let’s dive into the first episode of Deep Space Nine. As it is the pilot, this is an extra-long episode, so I’m sorry this is SUPER long.

Also, FYI, this is going to go through the entire episode, so in case you were wondering: SPOILERS.

We start with a screen of moving text, like this is Star Wars or something, explaining how Picard was kidnapped by the Borg, surgically altered, and forced to attack Wolf 359. (which is a star that actually exists, I looked it up!) We then jump right into the battle with the sounds of Jean-Luc Picard saying “Resistance is futile.”

ds9 1.1 (1)

Picard’s Borg suit looks pretty bad ass. I can’t tell if it’s leather or metal, but it looks pretty tough to get through, nonetheless. I’m wondering about the super-white skin. Is that explained in-universe as part of the Borg’s nutrition thing (Vitamin D is not included)? If a dark-skinned humanoid was turned into the Borg, would he also be pale white? I have to assume so, because the Borg are supposed to all be the same, right?

Staring down Picard from the opposite end of the screen is this guy.

ds9 1.1 (2)

He’s on a ship, with a Vulcan captain and a Bolian tactical officer (I had to look that up, but they’re the blue guys). They shoot at the Borg cube, along with some other ships, but it doesn’t seem to do much good. The shields are being drained. They decide to retreat, and then there’s an explosion and the Captain and the rest of the bridge is damaged badly. (The Captain’s fate is never followed up on, but I assume he’s dead.)

The Bolian reports that there’s been a direct hit, and they decide it’s time to get to the escape pods. They rush through the corridors, with people running around. They stop a blond woman and the human asks her where Jennifer is. She’s too upset to answer, so he runs on, bursts through a door and some other debris, all the while shouting for Jennifer. He finds a boy, named Jake, and pulls him out of the rubble, assuring him that he’ll find his mom. Jennifer is buried under a large beam that’s fallen.

The Bolian arrives to help the commander. He pulls out a tricorder and immediately realizes that Jennifer is dead. He passes Jake off to an ensign, and then drags the commander from the room. We next see him reunited with Jake. The escape pod pulls away from the ship, and the ship explodes into pieces behind them. I think Avery Brooks did a little bit of overacting in this scene, especially the shouting as he’s dragged away, but I forgive him because it’s the first episode and I think he gets better.

Three years later, the title card informs us.

Jake is fishing. He looks like he’s going for a Tom Sawyer/Huckleberry Finn type outfit, with overalls, but one strap not over his shoulder. His shirt is a long-sleeved reddish-pink thing, with either texture or a pattern on it that makes it seem a little fancy for Mark Twain. I never saw the point of wearing only one strap on a pair of overalls. If you’re not going to wear the straps, why wear overalls? Just wear pants? And one strap down just kind of bangs against you when you walk. Wear them properly or GTFO.

ds9 1.1 (3)

They talk, and we learn that they’re going off to live on a space station that’s in orbit around the planet of Bajor. Jake is worried about if there will be other kids there, and his dad says “absolutely.” A communicator sounds, and we learn that the commander’s name is Sisko. They have to leave soon, so they get up to leave and exit the holodeck.

As they’re walking, we get a better view of Jake’s outfit. I think he’s actually wearing a shirt and pants here, and not a jumpsuit. Spoiler alert, this is unusual.

ds9 1.1 (4)

They stop at a viewport to see the space station, and then walk off.

Cue theme.


The commander identifies himself in the Station Log as Commander Benjamin Sisko, and explains that the Bajoran Provisional Government has asked Starfleet to take over the running of the station now that the Cardassian occupying forces have left. Clearly there’s some political stuff going on here. Sisko also tells us that his Chief of Operations, Miles O’Brien, and a few other officers arrived two days ago on the Enterprise.

Establishing shots of the interior of DS9 show that the place is kind of in rough shape.

ds9 1.1 (5)

Sisko and O’Brien and Jake come out of the airlock. Chief explains that the Cardassians messed up the place before leaving, and they haven’t cleaned up the mess because everyone is working on repairing primary systems. I guess life support is more important than some debris in the halls.

Chief also says that a lot of the shop owners are preparing to leave. They pass by a shop operated by three Ferengi. One is putting a bottle of urine into a tote, while wearing an orangey-colored shirt with stripes across the chest. Two others are gossiping over another tote. One is wearing a shirt the same color as the bottle of urine, and the other a dark greened patterned sweatshirt. All three of them look suspiciously at the officers as they walk by.

ds9 1-1 (6)

An old man steps out of the shops. He’s wearing a long orange robe with kind of a patterned shawl over it, and a hood that’s pretty close-fitting around his head, but leaves a hole for his ears. I guess this might be called a cowl?

ds9 1.1 (7)ds9 1.1 (8)

He welcomes Sisko and invites him to come inside the space he just stepped out of – his shop? as the Prophets Await. Sisko declines, saying “another time” in that way that I’m pretty sure means “never.”


Chief, Sisko, and Jake go to Sisko’s quarters. Jake is unhappy. Chief admits his wife wants to go visit her mother rather than live there. Picard wants to meet with Sisko, and the science and medical officers are due to arrive the next day. Chief and Sisko agree that Jake ought to stay inside for safety. Jake is not happy that the replicators are not working, but Chief says he can send some emergency rations. I can’t blame Jake for being unhappy about that, unless Emergency Rations are way tastier than they sound.

Chief and Sisko head on to Ops, which is like the bridge but on a station. There’s a bunch of other officers working there. It’s warm because the environmental controls are stuck at 32C (89.6F, I looked that up, too!) and Chief can’t technobabble something because of the design of the station. Sisko heads to the main office.

Major Kira has been using the main office. She’s busy yelling at someone on the screen. He yells back. She hangs up on him. Sisko tries to be charming. Kira just snaps at him. She is clearly Not. Happy.

ds9 1.1 (9)

I can’t say I’m a big fan of the Bajoran uniform. It’s all one color except for slightly different color sleeves. There are blue versions, gray versions, red versions, and beige versions. I’m not sure the color significance, and I’ve looked enough stuff up today. There’s a belt around the waist and then the jacket (?) puffs out to make it seem like she has a larger butt. The whole upper jacket part seems uncomfortable and tight, and like it would be constricting if you had larger breasts. Maybe Bajoran women aren’t well endowed.

Sisko gets Kira to admit that she doesn’t like the Federation being there. Apparently she and the Provisional Government are not in agreement. She apparently feels that the Federation is just taking the place of the Cardassians. He tries to be diplomatic and understanding. She’s skeptical.


They’re interrupted by something beeping, and Kira goes to the desk communicator and asks Odo if he is reading something at A-14. A man in the beige-brown version of the Bajoran uniform comes on screen and says that his security array is broken, but he’ll meet her there. Kira explains that there have been a lot of break-ins and tells Sisko he doesn’t need to come, but Sisko decides to come anyway.


We move to some undisclosed location where a young Ferengi and an older something (I don’t know his species, sorry) are stealing things. The Ferengi is keeping watch.

He’s wearing greenish trousers that look like they have matching greenish socks going up to his knees. Also, either it’s a layered orange shirt, or an orange jacket over an orange shirt. I’m guessing a jacket, but I’d believe either. Actually, maybe it’s a vest? I’m open to suggestions.

ds9 1.1 (10)
We don’t get a good look at the other criminal, but it looks like it’s some kind of brown shirt-and-hood thing like the old man from earlier, along with a leather jacket that’s apparently held shut with a long bar? There were no good screenshots of it, but he’s also wearing a wide belt and a spiky thing at his waist.

ds9 1.1 (11)

They do their stealing and head out, and then Odo comes to stop them. They turn the other way, but Kira and Sisko are coming, so the alien dude throws his spiky mace thing at Odo. Odo doesn’t even duck though, and this happens.

ds9 1.1 (12)

The spiky mace thing just moves through his head and gets stuck in the wall behind him. The alien dude doesn’t understand. He starts running away, and Odo just straight up tackles him, slamming him against the wall. The Ferengi kid is kind of terrified., but doesn’t run.

Sisko takes out his phaser and shoots the wall behind the alien before he and Odo can just have a knock-down fight. Odo is pissed because he doesn’t know who Sisko is, so Kira explains that he’s the Starfleet commander. Some other Bajorans in gray uniforms take the alien away. Odo doesn’t approve of the use of phasers on the Promenade, which is the kind of open area with all the shops. He’s about to get into an argument with Sisko when another, older Ferengi appears.

Odo tells the older Ferengi, who identifies himself as Quark, that the boy is in a lot of trouble. Quark appeals to the commander, and says that the kid, Nog, is his brother’s boy and obviously only has a peripheral involvement. Since they’re leaving tomorrow anyway, can he just let this slide?

Quark is clearly one of the Ferengi we saw earlier, the one wearing the orange shirt with stripes. It’s got an interesting pattern on it that I can’t quite identify, and he’s also added a jacket that looks gray at first but on closer inspection seems to be kind of a multi-colored carpet. He’s clearly going for the “legitimate businessman” look.

ds9 1.1 (13)

Sisko tells Odo to take Nog to the Brig, interrupting Quark before he could even finish. Kira tells Sisko that probably the whole thing was done at Quark’s behest. Sisko tells her about the Ferengi legal tradition called plea bargaining. He wants something in exchange from Quark.


Chief calls to tell Sisko that Picard is asking for him again, so he heads on over.

Picard is ready to share some tea.

ds9 1.1 (14)

Picard is pleasant, and then confused when Sisko tells him that they met in battle at Wolf 359. Picard doesn’t know how to react to that and switches from pleasant friendliness to cold politeness. Sisko keeps the intensity up as they discuss the Bajoran situation. Picard seems visibly uncomfortable. Each time he tries to be even slightly friendly with Sisko, he gets shot down. Sisko doesn’t want to stay at DS9. Picard points out that Starfleet officers need to accept their orders. Sisko points out that he’s raising a son alone, and his tone of voice makes it clear that he blames Picard for the death of his wife, even if he never says that explicitly.

Every time I see this scene I feel conflicting things about it. Obviously, over the course of many seasons of TNG the viewer comes to know and love Picard, but you have to sympathize with Sisko at the same time. He doesn’t know Picard except that Picard, as a Borg, attacked his ship and killed many of his comrades, including his wife.

Picard agrees to inform Starfleet Command that Sisko wants a new job.


Back at DS9, Sisko explains his plan to Quark. Quark and Odo don’t understand why Sisko wants Quark to stay. Sisko explains that he wants someone to stay and rebuild and be a community leader. Odo says that Quark is clearly like a politician. Quark is skeptical of the rules of Starfleet and the longevity of the Bajoran Provisional Government. Sisko tells Quark he’s a gambler and tugs on Quark’s heartstrings about Nog staying in jail and how hard that must be for him.

Quark is clearly uncomfortable. Odo is pleased.


Sisko finds Kira doing some manual labor, and we see that the top of her uniform must actually be a jacket, and when she takes off the jacket, there’s a jumpsuit underneath, with the top part of the jumpsuit being a white sleeveless shirt with some cutouts at the top. Interesting design choice.

ds9 1.1 (15)

Kira says something about how Starfleet officers don’t get their hands dirty, so of course Sisko has to get his hands dirty and move a big piece of metal to prove his manliness and willingness to interact with dirt. Kira talks about the refugee camps she lived in. Sisko tells her that Quark thinks the government will fail, and Kira agrees, and says that after that, there will be Civil War. The only one who can stop it is Opaka, known as the Kai. The religion is all that holds the Bajorans together, but Opaka lives in seclusion, and won’t talk to anyone.

While they’re working, the old man from before appears to cash in on that vague promise Sisko made. And so Sisko heads down to the planet’s surface. I’m guessing they’re going for ancient civilization ravaged by war, because that’s the vibe I’m getting from the establishing shot.

ds9 1.1 (16)

Sisko is greeted by the same person that Kira was just talking about. Kai Opaka talks about the Bajoran life-force, or Pagh, which is replenished by the Prophets.

Opaka is wearing a slightly fancier version of the old man’s clothes, with a cowl that lets the ears out, and a flat-topped hat with a long train coming off it. It’s all in the same color of dark pink, with an orange sash thing across the chest. And the Bajoran tradition of pretty elaborate earrings, on only one ear. Which explains why the cowl-type headgear has holes cutout for the ears.

ds9 1.1 (17)

She insists on holding on to Sisko’s ear and then tells him he’s going to be the Emissary. She heads to what looks like a pool of water, but it’s only an illusion, and there are really stairs under the pool.  Underneath there’s a cave with lots of candles. Opaka insists that the threat to Bajorans’ spiritual life is greater than anything else, and that Sisko should look for solutions from within. Sisko is confused.


Opaka goes to a box that she calls “The Tear of the Prophet” and opens it to reveal a glowing thing.

ds9 1.1 (18)

Sisko stares at it for a while and then finds himself standing on a beach holding lemonades and wearing a ridiculous outfit. He runs over to a towel because his feet ar hot, and then meets Jennifer, his dead wife.

ds9 1.1 (19)We now get to discuss Sisko’s beach outfit.

Jennifer gets away with a pretty classic bikini, but the whole time I was watching this I was stupidly thinking that they were in the 1970s, because Sisko’s swimsuit just doesn’t make sense.

Firstly, the shirt and the shorts are trying to go together but they really don’t. It’s a light purple on the top and a darker bluish-purple on the bottom. The reddish-orange stripes aren’t the same color either. And the whole thing is simultaneously too loose and too tight – it seems to be flowing in places, but also highlighting a certain part of his anatomy a bit too much in another place.

Anyway, Sisko basically flirts with his now-dead wife, apparently at the point in time where they’ve just met. It’s a little creepy from her perspective – she doesn’t even know this guy – and probably a little weird from his perspective, but the nostalgia and grief kind of take over, and he’s happy to be reliving this part of his life, with all the promise of their life together, now that he knows it’s going to happen.

Then the whole experience ends, and Opaka closes the box, and Sisko is sad.

Opaka explains that there have been 9 orbs like this one, and the Cardassians stole the others. She tells Sisko to find the Celestial Temple before the Cardassians do – apparently the Prophets sent the Orbs to teach them. Sisko is like “Why do you think I can do this?” Opaka doesn’t explain really, but gives him the Orb and tells him that she can’t help him until the prophets have been warned of the danger from the Cardassians.


Back at DS9, Sisko heads to the promenade at Kira’s suggestion and finds that Quark’s bar is full of people gambling and drinking; apparently he’s been persuaded to stay.

There are some civilians in the bar, like the guy here wearing a green jumpsuit that’s a little big for him but doesn’t appear to be a uniform, and the woman in the background wearing a dark-colored something (can’t tell if it’s a dress or a shirt) over a lighter colored something else. And some blue Bajoran uniforms.

ds9 1.1 (20)

There’s also this guy in a shiny blue outfit playing what appears to be a musical instrument with the intense focus of one who is doing so while drunk or high.

ds9 1.1 (21)

The Enterprise is planning to leave, but the medical and science officers have arrived. Dr. Bashir is immediately hitting on Lieutenant Dax. We learn that Dax is a Trill, a joined species, and she and Sisko knew each other when Dax was in her last body.

Kira and Bashir go to the medical lab and Bashir unknowingly immediately insults her by saying that he wants to become a hero and that’s why he’s moved to the wilderness.

Meanwhile, Sisko gets Dax set up with the orb, asking her to investigate it and figure out what it is as soon as possible. After he leaves, Dax looks at the orb and is transported back to the past, when the Trill is being transferred from Curzon, the previous host, to Jadzia, the current one.

Curzon looks totally chill about it, and they’re both wearing sparkly red blankets. Jadzia is anxious until the Trill is placed inside her, and then she’s chill also.

ds9 1.1 (22)

Meanwhile, Chief has gone back to the Enterprise. He thinks about taking to the Captain, but doesn’t want to bother him, so he just heads off to the transporter room without saying goodbye. Picard comes by to say goodbye anyway. They have a rather sappy and awkward chat before Picard beams O’Brien out. I wonder if this scene was included so that TNG viewers wouldn’t leave thinking that Picard was awful after the earlier scene. It seems kind of pointless otherwise. Anyway, then the Enterprise heads out.


A Cardassian ship appears, with a captain named Gul Dukat, who asks if he can come in and say hi.

Dukat is pretty imposing. He makes a big deal about how the office Sisko is using used to be his. There’s nothing to say about the Cardassian uniform – it’s kind of a cross between rubber and leather.

ds9 1.1 (23)

Dukat says he is not happy to have left the office. Sisko tells him to stop by anytime. Dukat says he wants to be helpful. He also mentions the fact that the main Starfleet fleet is far away. He then gets to the point and mentions the Orb. Sisko flat out denies knowing anything about it and agrees that Dukat’s men can hang out on the Promenade.

Sisko goes to talk to Dax, who talks about a place called the Denorios Belt where a previous Kai had a vision of the skies opening up, and also a bunch of technobabble took place, and also some of the other orbs were found there. Sisko wants to go check it out but the Cardassians are nearby and will notice them leaving and get in the way.


The Cardassians are having fun at Quark’s, so we get a better look at their outfits. I’m surprised that there appears to be some cloth involved, and the top appears to be a different garment than the pants. The front still just kind of looks like it’s made from old tires, though.

ds9 1.1 (24)

We also get a good look at this guy, who looks like his outfit was made of garbage bags.

ds9 1.1 (25)


Kira and O’Brien come in and announce the place is being closed. Quark is very upset. O’Brien tells him to take it up with the commander. Quark apologizes to the crowd, then gives the Cardassians a nondescript bag to put their winnings into.

The Cardassians head back to their ship, joking that they were kicked out because they were winning too much. They put the bag of winnings into a locker, I think? It’s some kind of panel in the wall. A moment later, this happens.

ds9 1.1 (26)The blob of goo of course solidifies into Odo.  He looks around, and then heads down the hall toward some computer things.


Sisko and Dax get into a runabout called the Rio Grande and prepare to depart. I personally find the scenes where the runabouts leave pretty interesting because Star Trek doesn’t usually show us things from the perspective of space. We see a ship hanging out there, but they could use the same image in every show (with an occasional edit for a nebula or a different colored planet or something) and we wouldn’t know.

ds9 1.1 (27)

O’Brien and Kira confirm that the Cardassian ship is experiencing some technical difficulties and so the Rio Grande starts to leave. There’s some tension with O’Brien not being able to work the Cardassian transporter to get Odo off the Cardassian ship, but of course he figures it out.


Dax and Sisko follow some sensor anomalies while Dax talks some technobabble and then…

ds9 1.1 (28)

A wormhole appears and they go through it.


The inside looks pretty wacky, with bright lights and colors.

ds9 1.1 (29)

They lose contact with the station. O’Brien and Kira haven’t a clue. Dax and Sisko are also confused. Then they emerge from the wormhole into normal space, and the computer tells them they’re 70,000 light years away. This explains how the Orbs might have gotten to Bajor, and they also figure that the wormhole is stable and has existed for 10,000 years, based on all the past references to it throughout Bajoran history.

Going back, Dax says some technobabble that means they’ll have a smoother ride home, but they start slowing down and then pick up atmosphere and then they land on…something?


They step outside the runabout. Sisko sees a horrifying hellscape.

ds9 1.1 (30)

While Dax sees an idyllic and serene paradise.

ds9 1.1 (31)


This obviously causes some confusion between the two, with Dax commenting about how beautiful everything is and Sisko thinking she’s bonkers.

Then suddenly the glowing orb thing appears in front of them. It hovers around and scans them with a beam of light. Sisko introduces himself, and then the orb zaps both of them. The serene paradise seems to flicker, and then Dax vanishes. The ground beneath Sisko cracks and fills with light.

The wormhole opens and Kira and O’Brien see something appear that seems to hold a life form. They transport the thing aboard – at first it looks like the orb, but then it becomes Dax.


Meanwhile, Sisko is floating in a pool of light, with memories of his life flashing in front of him. He realizes that the aliens are trying to communicate with him. The aliens realize that he is corporeal, responds to visual and auditory stimuli, and uses linguistic communication.

ds9 1.1 (32)

They appear as Jennifer, as Jake, as Kai Opaka, as Borg Picard. They don’t understand what Time is. Sisko is at a loss on how to explain that.


Kira plans to launch a rescue mission to retrieve Sisko. Dax says that the wormhole is not natural, and was constructed by whoever created the orbs.

Kira wants to move the station. O’Brien tells her it will be difficult since there are only 6 thrusters. Dax suggests some technobabble about changing the intertial mass. They will also need some backup from Starfleet, but the Enterprise is two days away and the nearest ship. Kira takes Dax and Bashir to the runabout to start a rescue mission.

Odo wants to come along, as he was found in the Denorios Belt and he wants to learn more about who he is. Kira is reluctant, but agrees to take him.


Sisko is still talking to the aliens. They want to destroy him before he destroys them. He argues that he is not a threat. He claims that his species values life above all else. He says he can prove it by showing them events from his past, but the aliens have no concept of linear time and they don’t know what “past” means. There’s a lot of complex philosophy in here, and the idea of creatures that exist outside of time is one that I had a hard time wrapping my mind around when I first saw this episode.


Back at DS9, O’Brien is arguing with the computer, which wants to give him an opinion on the safety of his procedure. He engages thrusters, but the technobabble he was trying isn’t working quite right so the trip is very bumpy. He tries some other technobabble with the help of some Bajorans, and then it works.

On the runabout, they see that the Cardassians are approaching the wormhole. Kira tries calling Gul Dukat to talk him out of travelling through the wormhole, saying that they encountered a hostile life form inside but Gul Dukat is not convinced. He assumes Sisko is negotiating with said life forms.


Meanwhile, Sisko is trying to explain the concept of death to the aliens. This takes the form of a memory he has about his dead wife. They are having a picnic beneath the tree. Again, Jennifer is dressed in a sensible dress, kind of an over-the shoulder coral thing. Sisko is dressed slightly less horribly than he was on the beach, in gray pants and a loose-fitting kind of rainbow striped shirt.

ds9 1.1 (33)

Sisko’s dialogue with the aliens is interrupted when the Cardassians reach the wormhole. It collapses before Dax and Kira can pilot through the wormhole.


The aliens explain to Sisko that they have destroyed the wormhole because they believed they were in danger. They believe that linear existence is a threat to their existence because linear beings cannot take responsibility for their actions if they don’t know what the consequences of their actions will be. Sisko says that we use past experiences to predict the consequences. He uses baseball to try to explain this but it doesn’t really work.

ds9 1.1 (34)

He explains that you never know if you’re going to hit the ball or not, or where the ball will go, but you have no idea how the game was going to go until it’s over. The aliens draw the conclusion that humans value their ignorance of what is to come. Sisko agrees, saying that the unknown defines our existence – we explore looking not only for answers but for new questions, and he is here to explore and learn from the aliens.


Kira and the others have gone back to DS9. 3 Cardassian ships have arrived and are looking for Dukat. Gul Jasad is their commander. Jasad has a kind of permanent stuck up nose but is otherwise an ordinary Cardassian.

ds9 1.1 (35)

He doesn’t believe the story about the wormhole, which you can’t really blame them for, since there’s no evidence of a wormhole. He angrily hangs up on them. They do some technobabble to prevent DS9 from communicating with Starfleet and charge their phasers. DS9 doesn’t have any shields. Jasad demands surrender. Kira asks for a day to prepare. Jasad says she has an hour.

O’Brien says that there’s not much he can do other than put up some partial shields. Odo moves to put people in safer locations. Bashir can’t believe they would attack, but Chief throws out some history to prove that they would. The Enterprise is still 20 hours away. No one wants to surrender.


Sisko is in the place where his wife died. He demands to know why the aliens keep bringing him back to that place, but they tell him he is bringing them there. He says he was ready to die with his wife. The watch the memory of the tactical officer dragging Sisko away. The aliens say that he exists in this place. Sisko realizes this is true.

He goes back into the room to look at his dead wife. He says he sees her dead whenever he closes his eyes. The aliens realize that none of his past experiences helped him to deal with this event, and he says that he hasn’t learned to live without her. The aliens point out that this is not linear.


Back on on DS9, O’Brien and Kira have figured out how to fool the Cardassians. They fire 6 photon torpedoes at the Cardassians (of their 6 torpedoes in total). Jasad is incensed. Kira plays her bluff and says that she will fight him. Jasad has nothing to say against that.

On the Cardassian ship, a Cardassian underling tells Jasad that they have 5,000 photons and multiple phaser banks. Jasad thinks the whole thing is an illusion. The underling tells him it’s not worth the risk if it isn’t a bluff. The Cardassians send a transmission to ask for help from their own people. Then they start shooting.

On the Promenade, Odo is urging people to safe places, including the banana suit guy we see here.

ds9 1.1 (36)

They shoot at the Cardassians, and the Cardassians shoot back. Things explode, there is chaos. This guy in the gold robe remains shiny.

ds9 1.1 (37)


Odo calls up for medical assistance, as he tries to help this woman in what looks like it was a dark blue jumpsuit.ds9 1.1 (38)

Bashir runs to help. The lights come back on as Chief succeeds in doing some technobabble to make the Promenade less dark. The Cardassians keep shooting. Chief says he can give them another technobabblely strong phaser blast, but Kira is ready to surrender.


Dax reports the wormhole is opening, though. Kira hails the Cardassians to gloat at Jasad that there is a wormhole. The runabout that Sisko (and Dax) took originally is towing Dukat out of the wormhole. Sisko appears on screen, apologizing for the delay as he had to help Dukat.

Bashir reports 13 injured but no fatalities. Jake appears, wearing an orange jumpsuit that appears to be a giant sweater with a purple sweater over it. They have a reunion.

ds9 1.1 (39)


Sisko reports that the wormhole aliens will allow safe passage for all ships. The Enterprise has reappeared so the Cardassians have vanished. Sisko has another meeting with Picard, now on DS9. They discuss the Cardassian situation, and the strategic importance of the wormhole. Picard says this has put Bajor on the map, good job, and now DS9 will be important.

Sisko brings up his request for transfer, which Picard has not relayed yet. Sisko asks him to disregard it. Picard is hesitant but ultimately agrees. They shake hands. Picard says “good luck.” Not exactly friends, but a better ending to that meeting than last time.

Kira and Quark discuss how Quark needs to keep in line. Quark tries to flirt. Kira threatens violence. Quark backs off, but comments that he loves a woman in uniform.


All seems okay now. Life on the station is returning to normal. The final shot is of Dax, Sisko, and the Chief walking through the Promenade, and we get a clear view of Banana-Suit Guy, who seems none the worse for wear.

ds9 1.1 (40)